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Freestanding punch bag

Updated on March 29, 2016

Free standing punch bags - For years, Punch bags have been pivotal to much body toning, training and martial arts all over the world. However, a new innovation came up after these plastic & leather creation has been created. A free standing bag, works just like a punch bag, but can be stored away easily when not in use. It is also very mobile and you do not need a ceiling to hang it on, but lets you do your training wherever you want—at least with a stable floor. Many scoffed at the idea of having a punch bag on the floor rather than being hung from the ceiling, but with its being mobile people had now realized the great ease of using these free standing punch bags.

There are many workouts you can do with a free standing bag. This is very good for trainers, martial artists and other recreational users. Its uses have something to do with its size—high kicks would need a higher version of free standing bags, for example. For normal work outs there are no special requirements. You should buy the free standing punch bag that suits your needs.

The good thing about these free standing punch bags is that you don’t need to bother hanging it or finding a place where to place it. It is so mobile you can take it anywhere you want—to the garage, your living room, or anywhere you want. These bags are also great for takedowns if you’re into wrestling. Although movable, these free standing punch bags are durable that they would not be destroyed easily.

Freestanding punch bags are usually made of strong plastic, filled with water or sand that makes up for the bag’s durability and stability. It has different weights and sizes, depending on the needs of the user. Freestanding punch bags are available from 50 to 100 lbs. a central pillar made up of plastic wherein you can mount the padded portion of the bag. The padding is usually made up of foams thick enough to carry the force. Free standing bags can be easily assembled and disassembled at ease. And not like normal punching bags that re filled with cotton rags, shredded rubber or even sand, free standing punch bags are softer but are still durable not to shift around when in use. If you compare the two, free standing bags are more difficult to move, and this gives you a better working out. This is also because of the shape and weight of the foundation.

In buying a free standing punch bag, you must remember that this is not a small piece of training equipment. Normally, these are 5 feet high and over a foot wide. These bags are around 60-100 pounds, so be sure that you will have enough space to store it.

To be able to use these free standing punch bags, you would have to find a place big enough to use it. With your movements, at least 5 feet diameter around the bag should be completely open—no other materials must be around to disturb your actions. Always wear protective equipment during your training.


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    • profile image

      Gino Capano 7 years ago

      Good article on punching bags. I am thinking about getting one.