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Punching bag stand

Updated on August 19, 2012

Do you really need one?

This is a very common question asked by many people, that have just bought or are about to buy a punching bag. Do I really need a punching bag stand? Well, the answer is not as simple and requires quite a bit of information from the customer in order to evaluate if one needs a punching bag stand. It is very important that someones asks himself these questions in order to save quite a good amount of $, which they would otherwise spent on a punching bag stand.

A punching bag stand requires a lot of space on its own, let alone the area around it for practicing purposes. These steel behemoths could take up more than 10 sq. feet of space and require an additional 30 sq. feet of free space (and I do mean FREE) around it. Why do I emphasis free so much? This is because practicing or working out with a punching bag requires a lot of movement. This is especially true in the case of practicing kicks and not just punches. Besides your legs and whole body flipping around, you should also consider the 100lbs punching bag swiveling mindlessly around the air. Therefore there should not be any chairs, tables, drawers, god forbid glass windows nearby. The best place to set up a punching bag stand in this case would be a garage or just plonk it in the backyard ( but make sure you can protect it from the rain - because of usual quality issues regarding welding and holes on the steel construction - rust magnets ).

What are the alternatives?

Of course there are alternatives. In fact buying a punching bag stand is never a primary decision. The stand is the alternative in most cases. Most people just hang the bag from the ceiling or stick a normal stand on the wall and bang away. But in most cases people cannot just dig holes in their walls and in their ceilings due to the fact, that they do not live in a house, but in an apartment. The walls are to thin to hold a moving 100lbs monster swirling around. Even if setup on a wall it would be like hanging a Chinese gong on your wall. It echoes like crazy ( trust me on this echooooo). So the only one you would be fighting in the end will be your next door neighbour. Another alternative is also to buy a free standing punch bag, but those could set up back even more.

Which brand ? What type?

I would not bother so much with these issues, because frankly it does not matter at all. The prices are quite similar except maybe you would pay a bit more for the brand types, but if you could see them all together you would realize they are all the same.

Hope this cleared out some issues.

Sincerely, I.B.


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    • I.B. profile image

      I.B. 6 years ago from Center of the Universe

      If you have no wall to attach the bag to, you need one. Not all walls and places are suitable for a ceiling mount.

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      Why do they have boxing bag nd a stand why can't they just have the boxing bag on it's own!! because im lookiing for one cheap one make it that only coasts a 10???