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Hiking Camping Gear

Updated on February 14, 2015

Hiking and Camping Gear

Thinking about taking off on a hiking and/or camping trip? Then you'll need some necessary hiking and camping gear!

You'll find great gear showcased here, such as lanterns, a survival kit, a tent, camping cookware and so much more.

Don't leave your home unprepared! Make sure you have adequate hiking and camping gear, before you step out into your great wilderness journey.

High Sierra Classic

High Sierra Classic Series 59601 Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack Pacific 36x15.25x11 Inches 5500 Cubic Inches 90 Liters
High Sierra Classic Series 59601 Long Trail 90 Internal Frame Pack Pacific 36x15.25x11 Inches 5500 Cubic Inches 90 Liters

Constructed from nylon fabric, and the main compartment has a 90 liter capability, with gusseted drawstring and an adjustable top lid.

There is a sleeping bag compartment with divider located at the bottom, and you get contoured aluminum frame bars that can be adjusted to fit the shape of your back.

This has over ninety five star positive reviews and gives you all the pro's and con's, some of which is expected coming from different users and how they are using them.

It looks like a more suitable back-pack for those on the taller side, comes with lots of pockets, holds a nice amount of weight,a nice rain cover is provided where you can simply pull it over to keep everything nice and dry.

Lot more comments provided for consideration.


A Wise Word!

Every Hiker and Camper needs one of these backpacks, your pack is the foundation of your gear. Whatever your trip, you will always be carrying your stuff in a pack of some sort, for long hours at a time. So choose wisely, make sure you pick the right pack to tote all your gear safely and comfortably.

Gregory Petit Dru Pro 80 Mountaineering Pack

Gregory Petit Dru Pro 80 Mountaineering Pack (Navy,Large)
Gregory Petit Dru Pro 80 Mountaineering Pack (Navy,Large)

This one is available in sizes XS to Large. This women's expedition pack is fully loaded with awesome features! This bag is durable and comfortable and everything you need in a quality bag!

The most fully featured women's specific expedition pack available, featuring Auto-Cant, Adjust-A-Cant, and Flo-Form II technology, and unsurpassed fit, support, accessibility, and durability.


Capacity - 5700 in3 / 93 l

Weight - 7 lbs 12 oz / 3.51 kg

The Top Pocket converts to Fanny Pack, for $264.48, it's not a bad deal, unfortunately to date there are no reviews and I have been unable to locate this exact pack at any of the stores I have visited, there again, I don't usually shop in the women's section.


Backpacking/Hiking Accessories - Hiking and Camping Gear!

Swiss Gear Tyrolean Bottle Waistpack (Grey/Black/Red/White)
Swiss Gear Tyrolean Bottle Waistpack (Grey/Black/Red/White)

Love Swiss gear and will be making a purchase of this little guy, irrespective of the bottle suitability or quality, after all it's easy enough to get a good replacement and I have many of those. Hiking for some time now and am finding out that not every hike need you to carry a back pack, one of these guy's will do the trick. This waist-pack allows you to carry a water bottle with you, while hiking and or performing other activities and sports like hunting and fishing, just make sure what ever water bottle you are using has the top properly secured.

Pretty nice price!


Safety Tip...

Be aware of your surroundings. Take notice of sights and sounds around you.

Jetboil - Hot Items

Hiking and Camping Gear

Jetboil accessories are the hottest camping/backpacking equipment on today's market, research and my neighbors (devoted campers/hikers) experience tells me this. You can rely on Jetboil for your hot food and drinks quickly and conveniently when you want them the most. Compact, light and Go Bag friendly, your Jetboil equipment won't let you down

Jetboil Sol Titanium Cooking System

Jetboil Sol Titanium Cooking System (Sand)
Jetboil Sol Titanium Cooking System (Sand)

This has Thermo-Regulate technology which delivers consistent heat down to 20°F. It has a 0.8 liter Titanium FluxRing cooking cup, it's a pretty good piece of equipment for camping, my neighbor shall attest to that!

You get a push-button igniter, and the pot is supplied with a stabilizer tripod.

Comes with a Insulating drink-through lid, which doubles up as a measuring cup.

This works in comparison with all Jetboil accessories. Nice and light, easy to set-up, have not got mine yet but I did receive an in-depth review and recommendation from the assistant at a well respected outdoor activity store.

I do recommend that after you check the store prices out, check the prices from Amazon, I think you will be pleasantly pleased, Amazon usually comes in better.


Jetboil 3.0 Liter FluxRing Pot

Jetboil 3.0 L Fluxring Cooking Pot
Jetboil 3.0 L Fluxring Cooking Pot

Jetboil, a well known piece of equipment throughout the camping and hiking world. I was first introduced to Jetboil by my neighbor who is an avid camper and he swears by this type of equipment.

This nice camping pot provides you with a 3.0 liter capacity, I used his 1.5 liter which done just the job for the length of hike I was on, but in all seriousness I am considering moving up.

Comes with nice handles, lid and cover, the size measures 9.5 in. x 5.1 in, and it weighs in at 19 oz.

As usual I did check out my favorite outdoor equipment providers and sadly they were asking a little too much compared to what Amazon is asking, what a surprise.


The Tent!

Tents are great for shelter from storms, the sun, bugs and other natural elements. If you are hiking to your campsite, then you'll definitely want a lightweight tent than you can carry on your back, and that won't weigh you down.

One of these will still provide you with adequate shelter, without making you work too hard to get it to your destination.

Camping Backpack Tent by Alps

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2 Backpacking Tent
ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 2 Backpacking Tent

Product Description

The Zephyr 2 is ideal for those hot, muggy nights when you want to feel a breeze in your tent. The walls are composed entirely of mesh, allowing maximum ventilation and fresh air intake. The unique two-pole design gives you more head room to sit up without feeling cramped. This tent from ALPS Mountaineering features strong and lightweight aircraft alloy aluminum poles and two doors on each side to make it easy to get in and out of the tent. Additionally, two vestibules over each door create a great place to store extra gear. The rain fly buckles to the tent, offering a secure attachment.


Camping Backpacking Tent by Ledge Sports

Ledge Sports Scorpion Lightweight 2 Person Tent (92 X 58-42-Inch Height, 5.2-Pounds)
Ledge Sports Scorpion Lightweight 2 Person Tent (92 X 58-42-Inch Height, 5.2-Pounds)

It comes in at a pretty nice price and has some nice five star reviews, but I do recommend before making any purchase and unless you have it on good authority, to go visit a few outdoor stores and get some professional advice and reviews.

I can tell you that this is a pretty fair price for this size and style of tent, however, you do need make sure it is the one for you, so it may be worth while in the long run to purchase from the store, there again, I always visit places, check equipment out and hit Amazon for the exact model, that way I know what I am getting, and it's usually a good deal

Product Description

Feature for feature the best tent on the market in price and specification. It includes full heat tape proprietary design, sturdy 2 aluminum pole assembly, and extensive waterproofing. It also provides exemplary internal storage and organization choices highlighting the dual door and vestibules.


Care for some nice camping gear?

Camping Gear - items you might need when camping

Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set, Red
Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set, Red

Coming in at $40.41, your getting a nice 24-piece camping or picnicking set, it includes four mugs, four dinner plates, four bowls, four knives, four forks and four spoons, all capable of being washed in the dishwasher.

Your also getting a nice little compact case for the cutlery.

There is a few mixed reviews on this dinning kit, so it would be advisable to have a browse before making a purchase, don't worry there is more positive than negative, and should I require a replacement of my gear I will certainly be looking at a purchase of this one!

Wenzel 4003078 Roll-N-Go Mat Green
Wenzel 4003078 Roll-N-Go Mat Green

This is a pretty nice self-inflating sleeping mat for your camping needs or even for when you feel the need to exercise. It comes in at a reasonable price, easy to carry with you and comfortable to sleep on.

The fabric is nylon and it has received quite a few pleasing comments. At $35.03 and Amazon Prime it's a pretty good deal. One word of caution, it is reported that this weighs in around 2lbs and is not as compact as we all thought, never the less, it's a fair purchase and with what positive comments it has received it looks like it's a good buy!


Enjoy Each Moment

Take the time to appreciate a good-looking tree or to smell a wild flower. Notice the rocks and the wildlife around you. Take deep breaths of the fresh air...

Coleman Rugged Battery Powered Lantern (Family Size)
Coleman Rugged Battery Powered Lantern (Family Size)

You need a lantern when camping. This is a nice quality one, and it also makes a fantastic gift for campers and others who enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

This battery operated lantern is ideal for camping and or any emergency situation, I have four myself!

It has some nice five star and four star reviews, worth a browse. The 13-watt fluorescent twin bulb lights gives you a nice illumination, it is weather resistant, and can run for around 26 hours when on low power or up to around 17 hours when on high setting. You will need eight "D" batteries, these do not come with the lamps.

Stands around 15 inches in height and around 8 inches in diameter. I am pleased with mine and I think you will be pleased if you make the purchase. A nice lamp at a nice price!


Hiking/Camping Tools - Tools that should accompany you on every hiking and camping trip!

Victorinox Swiss Army Champion Plus Pocket Knife
Victorinox Swiss Army Champion Plus Pocket Knife

A Swiss Army Knife provides all types of tools and carries easily in your pocket! Every person who camps and hikes should carry one of these.

This is a complete tool set that will come in handy whether you are camping, hiking or just for everyday use, it has 30 stainless- steel tools, screwdriver, can or bottle opener, saw blade and lots, lots more. It had a nylon dandle with an an aluminum frame. Made in Switzerland, around 3-1/2 inches long; and you get a lifetime warranty with it.

Comes in at a nice price form Amazon of $47.81 and is eligible for Prime Time.


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    • nonaweeks profile image

      Nona Weeks 

      4 years ago from Florissant, CO

      I love to hike and camp. I moved to the mountains of Colorado so that I can do both.

    • Bill Armstrong profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Armstrong 

      4 years ago from Valencia, California

      Thanks for your visit Iris and I intend on a backpacking trip next year, should be fun

    • Iris Draak profile image

      Cristen Iris 

      4 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Bill, I love to hike and camp. Thanks for spotlighting some of the necessities. I have yet to take a backpacking trip where I have to pack in all my own gear, but someday I hope to.


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