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Sparring Gear for Karate

Updated on November 21, 2014

Martial Arts Training: Safety First with Sparring Gear

Karate Sparring Protective Gear for Head, Fists and Feet
Karate Sparring Protective Gear for Head, Fists and Feet | Source

Karate Gear Set for Kids


Sparring Gear Ideal For Protection and Training

It is important to stay active to keep fit and develop an alert mind. Karate is a great form of self defense martial art. In learning this sport, we are learning to respect others while learning to defend ourselves. We learn to defend without any weapons at hand. It is a great activity to develop ourselves to be self-reliant. Acquiring the skills to self-protect, we feel safe, confident and happy with our ability.

Whether it is in combating sports like boxing or karate, we will need protective sparring gear. It is to protect yourself as well as your opponent from injury. You don't need to be reminded how important safety is. When learning self defense techniques or training in karate you will want to have the best gear for sparring.

The basic equipment includes headgear, sparring gloves, foot guards and shin guards.

For the head gear, your head gets protection of the top, the forehead, the back and sides. The designs allow peripheral vision and head mobility.

For hands, the fists, wrists and parts of forearms are covered. The knuckles are kept safe by padding layers over stress points.

Foot guards protect your feet, ankles, Achilles and insteps.

The popular gear below is available in different sizes and styles to fit most everyone, both adults and kids. They will make great gift ideas for any martial artist in your family.

Blue Karate Sparring Gear Package Deal

Lightning BLUE Karate Sparring Gear Package Deal - Child Medium
Lightning BLUE Karate Sparring Gear Package Deal - Child Medium
This Package includes Head, Punches and Kicks.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Martial Arts?

If you are not into this sport yet, perhaps you will now consider it.

  • As with learning a new sport, it will first of all get you or your kids to be active. It is something to learn to do physically. You will have to leave your comfort zone and learn to coordinate your body. Instead of sitting in a chair for a long time, you get to learn balancing, sparring and protecting yourself.
  • As you know that with martial arts, it is about humility and self protection rather than winning a fight. I believe that it makes a devoted learner a better person.
  • When you are active with your body, you get fitter and fitter. You get into a good shape and to be healthier than before.
  • You learn to focus on your body and your opponent. A high level of concentration on purpose is required when you are learning a new skill in the sport.
  • The physically demanding sport also requires you to have the courage to take hits or be defeated by your opponent. Whether winning or losing, there is a lot to learn to deal with the situations.
  • When you have the mind and body strong enough to face defeat and take victory, you get self respect and confidence. This is a great asset for life's challenges.

Macho Dyna 7 Piece Sparring Gear Set with Shin Guards

Made With 3/4 Inch Foam Available in White, Blue, Red or Black
Made With 3/4 Inch Foam Available in White, Blue, Red or Black | Source

Karate Sparring Gear

These thick glove are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, child small, child medium, child large. You will like the comfortable finger grip, protection for thumb, hand and forearm. The palm can open for desired action.

Protection such as these is a must-have against knuckles dislocation.

Karate Equipment: Protection for Sparring over Entire Fist and Wrist

Protect the Knuckles against Dislocation
Protect the Knuckles against Dislocation | Source

How to Do Karate

Whatever your age, you can always start to learn karate. You can enhance your fitness level and your self-protection skills. You will learn to coordinate your body to respond quickly in the most challenging physical situations where you will need to defend yourself from harm. This sport will teach you to have a strong mind, to be self-reliant, develop leadership skills and to believe in yourself and your goals.

Exercises such as these will also help you lose a little fat, tone up muscles and enhance your alertness.

Sparring Gloves for Grappling and Striking in the same Training Session

Four Layers of Foam Design for Both Grappling and Striking
Four Layers of Foam Design for Both Grappling and Striking | Source

Are There Any Martial Artists or Martial Arts Learner in Your Family?

Are you a martial artist or do you have a martial artist or martial art learner in your family?

See results

Karate Videos

Keep Safe While Enjoying Your Martial Arts Training

Keep Safe with the Right Protective Gear - Enjoy Your Trainingļ¼

Karate Moves


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