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Women's Self Defense Skills and Weapons

Updated on January 11, 2015

You Can Learn to Defend Yourself

Self Defense Classes for Women
Self Defense Classes for Women | Source

Women's Self Defense: Be Prepared For The Worst

Are you concerned about your safety? You may not realize it but picking up a few useful skills or self-protection devices is not all that hard. Self defense techniques for women are what you need to learn. Learning to survive is key in case of being attacked. Nobody wishes that to happen but it is always wise to be prepared for the worst, especially when you live in a not-so-safe neighborhood. Every day people get mugged or assaulted. Being cautious or even trained shouldn't be taken lightly.

This article will give you some pointers on how to protect yourself in the event when someone attempts to physically harm you. Protecting yourself with these skills is vital to your safety or even survival.

Below are two sets of videos: one set on basic and the other advanced techniques. These video clips are easy to follow. I have also put together for you information about the best types of such classes for women and also where is the best place to find this type of training in your town. I enjoyed learning from this article and hope that you will find it useful too.

Be smart and be prepared for unwanted situations.

Self Defense for Women - Protect Yourself in The Event of Being Attacked

Self Defense Classes for Women
Self Defense Classes for Women

Women's Self Defense

Do you go grocery shopping late at night? Do you leave the office after dark and walk through an empty parking lot to get to you car? An attacker will hide until your approach your vehicle and then launch an attack against you with swiftness and surprise. Learning to protect yourself is vital to surviving an ordeal like this.

Where Do I Learn?

Finding useful local classes in your area doesn't have to be a big chore. Just check in the local phone book under Martial Arts Instruction. Most kung fu classes will also teach a basic learners' course in protection techniques. You can ask ask your friends and family or ask your co workers. Chances are, someone you know has already taken such training for women in your area and can recommend you where to go.

How To Protect Yourself During an Attack - What have you done for yourself?

Do you take self-defense lessons?

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Self Defense Weapons for Women

Self Defense Weapons

Be informed of what self defense weapons there are that will suit your needs. You may need self protection not only outdoors but when you are indoor too. You want your home to be prepared in case of burglary or intrusion. For protection outdoors, you can get useful tools that are easy to carry. They give you protection and more confidence. These tools include pepper spray that police use, self protection kit of key chain and home pepper foam and safety alarms. They are small enough that you can always carry them on your body. For indoor needs, some products can be mounted to where you want them to be on the wall or inside a cupboard and made easily accessible.

On the market you can get pepper spray that is used by the US Police and is made in the USA.

It can perform within a ten-foot range. However, please check that this product is not available in some states due to state laws. These states include DC, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin etc.

An easy to carry pepper spray also fits easily on a keychain or in a purse. The glow in the dark function provides more safety for use and against accidental discharge. The spray contains approximately 10 to 25 shots and the reviews are very positive. The spray takes effect just seconds after impact. The burning and painful sensation will disorient and disable an attacker for about half and hour.

I hope you don't feel as threatened as needing a self protection stun gun. But if you really do, you have the option of getting it. A personal protection stun gun is powered by only one 9-volt battery and releases 100,000 volts of current. It can be carried on the body on a pocket clip or a wrist strap.

Learn Self Defense Basic Skills from these Useful Videos

Be aware of possible danger and learn what your body can do. Here are some basic training you can learn and practice. Watch these easy to understand videos to learn simple techniques to protect yourself from an attack. Learn and don't become a victim.

Awareness and Self Defense Training for Women

Take a Free Self Defense Mini Course

Women's Self Defense Mini Courses

Hope you will find these self defense training mini courses useful. There are skills or secrets to learn as to how to react to maximize safety in unwanted physical situations. Whatever your size is, there will be some techniques to pick up and practice. Should you feel the need of taking up a class, you have some ideas to start with.

What to Do When You are Attacked Like This?

Learn Some Secrets of Self Protection Now

More Self Protection Training and Techniques

Women's Self Defense Classes for Beginners

Be Your Own Bodyguard for Women - Self Defense
Be Your Own Bodyguard for Women - Self Defense
You can learn practical and effective self-defense techniques from this DVD. This course covers not only the physical but also emotional and psychological aspects. In case of possible danger, learn how to avoid confrontation and how you can gain an advantage in case of an attack.

What is Choking Defense?

Personal Defense Impact Weapon

Are you interested in taking a moment to look at self-protection products?

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Advanced Level Protection Tips

Self Defense Keychain System Instructional DVD

Advanced Personal Defense Moves for Women

Did you find anything helpful? Leave a comment to suggest what should be included. Thank you!

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