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Kershaw Leek Knife 1660 - Choose Your Own

Updated on April 3, 2015

The Kershaw Leek is one of the most popular knives designed by Ken Onion for Kershaw. The knife is perfect for everyday tasks, slim, lightweight, not so big to turn carrying it into a chore but not so small to be useless. The design is simply beautiful, the material and craftsmanship are excellent (it is made in the USA) and the assisted opening system is really cool. Besides, the blade is razor sharp and Kershaw back it up with a limited lifetime warranty. A good choice for everyday carry or for giving as a gift, especially for the price.

Kershaw Leek Models

As usual with all Kershaw knives the Leek comes in several different models, depending on the handle material, coating, or geometry of the blade. The models are:

Kershaw Leek 1660 and 1660ST

The most popular model so far. It is the basic model of all Leeks. It features a 410 stainless steel handle. An excellent choice if you are not looking for anything fancy. The 1660ST model comes with a serrated blade.

Kershaw Leek Black
Kershaw Leek Black

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek knife 1660CKT and 1660CKTST

One of my favorite models, the Kershaw Ken Onion Leek 1660CK. It features a black tungsten DLC coating in both the handle and the blade. This tungsten DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating is scratch resistant and produces a folding knife with a non reflexive surface. The look of the Ken Onion Leek 1660CKT is smart and devious, a beauty.

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek 1660BB, 1660BR and 1660PINK

These models have a 6061-T6 anodized aluminum handle. The BB and BR come in two colors, black and blue and black and red. And the handle have and smoked finish. They only weight 2.4 oz, really lightweight!

Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Rainbow 1660VIB and 1660VIBST

I really don't like the rainbow, I am kind of minimalist in my fashion sense and the rainbow has too many colors for my taste, however the rainbow is one of the most bestselling knives in the Leek series!

Kershaw Leek Composite Blade 1660CB

This model features a Sandvik 13C26/CPM-D2 composite two-tone stainless-steel blade with copper accent separator. This means that the blade is made of two steels: the 13C26 and the CPM-D2. Theoretically the CPDM-D2 is easier to sharpen but can rust a little overtime.

kershaw leek 1660g10
kershaw leek 1660g10

Kershaw Leek Knife with G10 Handle 1660G10

The Kersahaw Ken Onion 1660G10 folding knife features a S30V stainless-steel blade with a stone washed finish. I don't particularly like this stone washed finish, it makes the Leek to look kind of sad to me. However, the G10 handle really worth its while, It is almost indestructible and has a very secure and comfortable grip. Besides, the G10 handle is a must if you live in a very cold place.

Kershaw Random Leek – 1660TGRYST

This model features a partially serrated blade with a reverse tanto design. Besides, both the blade and handle have a black coating. Overall, I like the look and feel of this model, the S30V steel of its blade is sharp and the coating really suits the design. The only thing that I doesn't like is the partially serrated blade, I wish, there were a plain one!

Kershaw Leek Orange County Choppers – 1660OCC

The Leek 1660OCC comes with a gift tin included. The blade is made of Sandvik 13C26 stainless-steel with Tungsten DLC black coating and has an OCC logo on it. The handle made of anodized aluminum displays the OCC spider-and-web image. You can be sure that I would not dislike to get one these beauties as a gift.

Kershaw Leek Knife Demostration


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