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Sennheiser Sport Line - Killer Ear Canal Earphones

Updated on March 26, 2013

Adidas and Sennheiser market an attractive line of jogging jogging headphones

Adidas and Sennheiser present a line of earphones designed for sportsmen. The Sennheiser-Adidas Sportline range comprises four models:

  • MX680
  • CX680
  • OMX680
  • PMX680.

The ear canal headphones offer very good sound quality, fulfilling the requirements of the sport practice. All the models fit perfectly into the ear cavity, so that they don't not even come off with the most violent movements. The fixation doesn't produce any type of annoyance.

The speakers are robust and potent, lets you hear the music clearly even in noisy environments (footfalls, the rustle of clothing, other athletes).

They don't transmit none of the vibrations that normally produce the repetitive movements.

They are specially designed to repel the humidity and to protect the electronics of the rain.

The cleaning of the the earphones is very simple, once completed the session, they can be rinsed under the faucet.

Sennheiser-Adidas Sport Line
Sennheiser-Adidas Sport Line

The cables are reinforced with Kevlar so that they resist the tugs and stay flexible.

They resist up to 10 degrees below zero.

The quality of the sound of these sennheiser sport line headphones is excellent, as one would expect in an equipment designed by one of the greatest world specialists in earphones.

CX 680 Sports

The CX 680 Sports are ear-canal earphones of very high quality.

An optimal and secure fit in the ear-canals is assured with Sennheiser's EarFin holding system.

Only with a simple twist the earphones fits very well into the ear-canal in a comfortable way.

The performance is enough to effectively isolate the external noise.

It includes different sizes of ear adapters.

MX 680 Sports

The MX 680 Sports are standard earphones.

They resembles the CX 680 model.

EarFin holding system and a variety of ear-adapters (S/M/L) included.

OMX 680 Sports

The OMX 680 Sports are clip-on over the ear, earphones with fully-adjustable ear clips.

The clips are manufactured with flexible material that doesn't press the ear.

PMX 680 Sports

The PMX 680 Sports are neckband earphones featuring an ergonomic neckband for a secure and comfortable fit during workouts.

The band goes from ear to ear for the back of the neck, so that the support is very comfortable, and less exposed to tugs and fallen.

The cable comes out of one of the earphones, giving more freedom. The neck band has a fluorescent yellow strip that glows in the dark.

All the models feature:

  • Dynamic loudspeaker system with volume control integrated directly into the cord
  • DuPont Kevlar-reinforced cables that remain flexible even at temperatures of minus 10 degrees
  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Internal components of the earphone are protected against rain water
  • A variety of ear-adapters

All the models of the series Sennheiser-Adidas Sportline is manufactured in color matte black, with cables in yellow.

All the Sennheiser Sport headphones come with short cables in case you want your audio device around your neck or arm. The cables attach to the volume control which includes a longer cable in case you need more length.

Outdoor Or Indoor Use

When you select one of these earphones, consider if it will be used for outdoor or indoor activities. The CX 680 model effectively blocks all external noise, this puts you at a great disadvantage if you must be alert to potentially dangerous situations.

The CX 680 Sports is hence more recommended for indoor use.

The other models are acoustically more open, blocks less outside noise and lets you be more aware of your immediate environment (more recommended for outdoor use).


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