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What's the best Surfboard

Updated on July 11, 2011

Catch More Waves

Over the years I have surfed on dozens of surfboards. longboard surfboards, short boards, and fish surfboards. I have paid 100s of dollars for a single board that could be considered totally useless to me. Mainly because I couldn't catch as many waves as I wanted to on it . Or maybe I couldn't execute the type of moves that I wanted to on the board.

The most important aspect of a surfboard to me is how many waves can I catch with it in one day. The next most important aspect is how many days will that surfboard float for me and allow me to keep catching those waves.

These are three very important qualities in a surfboard and number one dependent on the shape of the board Number two is the size of the board you think you would like to surf on. Number three the quality of the craftsman ship.

Two of the people that I recommend buying boards from are Ricky Carroll and Tom Neilson. These two guys are located in Florida. The boards I bought from them were great quality and craftsmanship. They had first hand knowledge of my surfing ability and could recommend a surfboard shape that fit the place I was surfing, my style and my ability. I like a board that floats me well and catches lots of waves also I like a board to last more than one season.

I caught 100 of waves with these boards and you will also. You can buy new and used boards on ebay from Ricky or Tom. Certainly if you are in Central Florida ts worth a trip to either one of their shops. You will get expert advice and a great surfboard from either of them.

I have also had great success in the past with these surfboard creators.

Robert August

Dick Brewer


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Surftech Surfboard Video

Buy a Fish Surfboard

I own a website that helps keep me in the water. I list Retro Fish Surfboards on my website that I believe are good deals.

Here are a few examples

6’2″ Quad Fin Seared Ahi

The 6’2″ Quad Fin Seared Ahi is a great all-around board. 6″ longer than the Grunion, it’s for shortboarders who are bigger or those who want to transition from a longboard/funboard.

5’8″ Quad Fin Grunion

The 5’8″ Quad Fin Grunion is the ultimate performance fish. Small yet buoyant enough to paddle easily and glide through a wave.

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  • VioletSun profile image


    10 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

    Hey, coolbreeze, long time no hear! Your passion for surfing comes through in the article. I love the ocean, and was recently in Hollywood Beach, Florida where my sister relocated, and felt such peace watching the colors of the sky and the blue water.


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