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Unique Gadgets for Golfers to Improve your Game

Updated on November 13, 2015

Some interesting and unique golf gadgets

Ever since golf became a game, there have been some unique golf gadgets to help golfers improve their score and lower their handicap. If you are looking for help with your swing or just want an edge on the golf course, try some of these tried and true gadgets. Of course, the item alone doesn't lower your score, the actual practice does. If you are looking for a gift for a golfer check out these fun golf gifts.

The Chipping Basket

Since half of all golf shots happen around the green, here's a must have for every golfer. The chipping basket will help you get up and down from anywhere around the green. Great for use in your backyard.

Other Practice Nets

A hitting net is essential to practicing golf and improving your game. Nets are designed in two ways, to catch a ball or to return a ball to you. Depending on what you are working on, you may need two different kinds of nets. When practicing tee or iron shots you don't want the ball returned at the same speed you hit it. When practicing chip shops you should use a basket type net.

The Golf GPS

Garmin has done it again, first it revolutionized the way we drive, and now its changing the way we drive a golf ball. When selecting a GPS, you want to make sure it carries your course and you don't want to pay an annual fee to keep it updated. Garmin provides both where some of the other competitors do not.

What does a GPS do for you, it shows you the hole from tee to green. No more standing on the tee wondering how far it is to the pond on the left side. Or wondering how far it is to the green. Just check the GPS. And as an added bonus, you no longer need a score card as the GPS does it for you and then allows you to upload the scores to your computer.

Shave a couple strokes off of your game with this gadget for sure.

Practice Putting Straight

When of the secrets to putting is the ability to putt straight and have the ball go where you want it to go. Now there's a way to help you put straight and give you the visual if you did it right or wrong. Now instead of worrying about whether you hit the ball on a line, you will now have the confidence to hit the ball correctly, the question is did you line it up correctly?

Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder

To help give you an edge, the golf ball sweet spot finder will help you position your ball on the tee for farther drives and make your putts stay on line . Give this one a try while practicing putting and see the difference it will make.

Last year, my dad marked a sleeve a balls for me and you could see the difference just putting on the carpet.

What golf gadget helped your game the most?

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    • profile image

      ricardolamb 5 years ago

      the greatest golf gadget of all time was Greg Norman's "The Secret" -- actually preserved the right-hand flying wedge! Probably the #1 failing of all the casters and flippers out there -- but, the Secret was hard molded and set the RHFW even at address, thus confusing everyone about what it was trying to teach you! Still, a great game-improvement device.