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The Best Brands -The Coolest Havaianas Flip-Flops

Updated on September 20, 2011

Havaiana flip-flop

The Havaiana flip-flop is a must have summer essential and has become the most recognised brand of flip-flops worldwide,and an incredible 300 pairs of Havaianas are made every minute.

There is a glamorous wide range of Havaianas to choose from that has people of all ages wearing the go- anywhere Brazillian flip-flop that works as well on the beach and with dressed up evening attire.

Their name means HAWAIIANS in Portugese, and the brand of Havaianas actually started out in 1962 inspired by the Japanese sandal the Zori, made of a basic combination of fabric straps and rice straw soles. Thus giving us the reason why the designed footbed on all Havaianas has a textured rice pattern.

Who wears them?

Christina Aguilera has been spotted wearing the Brazillian flip-flops, and more recently Jennifer Aniston sported a pair on the cover of the DVD Marley and Me.

Havaianas Brazil

These super cool summery flip-flops were hugely popular in Brazil during the 1980's. But it wasn't until the designer line brought out featuring the flag of Brazil for the 1998 World Cup that the Havaianas took off world-wide and now the brand of Havaianas are available in 80 different countries.

The soft luxury vulcanised rubber sole, that doesn't rub or cause any blistering to your feet can also be produced in a whole array of spectacular colours and vivid patterns to suit all fashion enthusiasts.

Regarded as the most comfortable flip flops in the world, they have now reached fashion icon status everywhere. Havaianas are more expensive than your average flip flops, but the lasting quality and comfort makes them affordable and a must have holiday item.


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