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10 Amazing Tips For Perfect Wedding Makeup

Updated on October 23, 2014

1) Fake Eyelashes

For a captivating look on your special day, choose from individual to full strip fake eyelashes. Individual fake eyelashes, or bunches (6-8) can vary in size and therefore vary in how natural or dramatic you want to your look to be.

2) Primer

What to do to make sure your makeup stays in place and looks great all day and evening? Primer, primer, primer! It is your most important step after moisturising and before foundation. Your makeup will go on smoother and last longer.

3) Blush

Smile! That is the best way to know where you need to place your blush. Blend your blush from where your cheek pops out when smiling to your temple for a natural 'flushed' look.

4) Waterproof Makeup

Yes, its a pain to remove, but that is also the beauty of it. Waterproof makeup may not be your choice for your everyday makeup, but it is a must when it comes to your wedding day! To keep your tears from ruining your look, use a glue for your fake eyelashes that is waterproof and then apply waterproof mascara.

5) Your Usual Look

Going too far from your usual look may not only confuse the groom, but also many brides end up just not feeling like themselves. Aim to look like yourself, just enhanced to the best version of your usual look.

6) Get Flash Ready

When having your makeup trial make sure you wear a light coloured top, as you want to know what your makeup looks like against your skin and light colours. Many don't realise different foundations and powders can catch the light differently. Too much shimmer doesn't photograph well. Colour catches the camera better. Grab a camera and take a photo with a flash and with no flash, as you want to make the changes before the big day.

7) Eyebrows

Often overlooked is eyebrows. Just as a frame completes a picture, your eyebrows frame your eyes and finish your whole look. The best eyebrow pencil colour to choose is a shade or 2 lighter than your natural eyebrow colour.

8) Beauty Treatments

Avoid waxing or plucking the day before your wedding day. Swelling and redness can be hard to cover. Leave at least 3 days for all skin irritation to go.

9) Foundation

Make sure your foundation colour is right for you and the colour dress you are wearing on the day. Take home a sample and see what it looks like against white. A good way to set your foundation is with loose powder, as it gives it a soft finish and takes shine away.

10) Touch Up Kit

It's essential to carry with you (usually by your bridesmaid) a touch up kit with products like oil blotting paper and pressed powder for unwanted shine. Cotton buds are great for any touch ups needed around the eyes, and even eye drops to help take away redness from crying eyes. Of course lipstick or lip gloss for constant reapplication is a must. Also, for heading into the nighttime festivities, mascara, eyeliner and blush for a darker look in the darker light.


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