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10 Ways to Go When Choosing a Silver Bracelet Cuff

Updated on October 30, 2012

The bracelet cuff is a piece of jewelry that can be very versatile. It wouldn't seem so at first glance. After all, this is a very specific piece of jewelry. It's the style of bracelet that doesn't clasp closed around the rest but instead can just be gently pushed on and holds itself in place on your arm. Such a specific design seems like it would not offer a lot of different options to you when you were going out to purchase one. Sure, you could get different materials but how many different styles of bracelet cuff can there possibly be? Quite a few actually. Take a look at the ten different bracelet cuff designs below, all of which are silver, to see just how many different ways this accessory can be approached.

1. Simple Narrow Bracelet Cuff Silver

This is an example of a simple, contemporary bracelet cuff that might be worn by a lot of different types of women. It is a fairly plain bracelet with some basic designs. Of course the design might be different from one bracelet cuff to the next but the total effect of this shape is very much the same regardless of the design that you choose. It's a simple piece of jewelry that shows that you care about adding accessories to your look but you aren't going to over-do it any way.

2. Vintage Lace Bracelet Cuff Silver

Contrast the first choice with this choice and you can immediately see that the design of a bracelet cuff can make a big difference in your personal style. This bracelet cuff is a vintage design that is crafted to look like ancient lace. It is feminine, delicate (although not too delicate since it's a wide bracelet) and pretty as can be. This is definitely a stylish piece but it's a different kind of style than the more contemporary bracelet cuffs.

3. Floral Bracelet Cuff Silver

Another more elaborate bracelet cuff is the bracelet that has a large design worked into the top of it. In this case, the band of the bracelet cuff is narrow and delicate and barely noticeable. What you pay attention to is the flower that makes up the bulk of the bracelet. This is stylish because it's done in solid silver and so it is not gaudy in spite of its size and detail. It's feminine but not dainty. It's a great piece that would bring a bit of fun into a more serious wardrobe.

4. Diamond Bracelet Cuff Silver

If you really want to get fancy with your bracelet cuffs then you should get ones that are embellished with diamonds and other jewels. This is a great bracelet that has a really classic pretty design. It's mid-size in terms of how narrow it is so it definitely stands out on your arm but it doesn't look like you're trying too hard to wow anyone with the piece. The diamonds really stand out here since they fill the whole piece but you could also get a bracelet cuff that had fewer diamonds decorating it if you wanted to do that.

5. Bangles Bracelet Cuff Silver

Do you love silver bangles? Do you hate the way that wearing too many bangles causes them to bang around on your wrist while you are trying to work and get things done? The bangles bracelet cuff is your solution. It looks like a series of thin silver bangles but it's actually a single bracelet cuff. It gives you the style that you are looking for but it's a lot more convenient to wear.

6. Engraved Bracelet Cuff Silver

One way to really personalize your silver bracelet cuff is to get one which is engraved with an image that really says something about you. It could be an image of an animal that you really like or a design that you tend to favor or something that represents your cultural background. There are many different styles of engraved bracelet cuffs but the point of all of them is to reveal something about yourself by selecting a design that is meaningful to you. And of course you want to choose one that is stylish as well!

7. Colored Bracelet Cuff Silver

A silver bracelet cuff doesn't have to be entirely silver. If you are someone who prefers a lot of color in your wardrobe then you might choose a silver bracelet that has been colored in some way. Silver bracelet cuffs that have turquoise stones set into them are a very popular choice. Silver bracelet cuff bands that hold various colored pearls are another common selection. It's still a bracelet cuff and it's still a silver bracelet but it's oh-so-different from the rest.

8. Artistic Bracelet Cuff Silver

Are you someone who likes modern art? Do you like abstract paintings? Do you want people to look at you and know that you're tasteful but edgy? An artistic silver cuff bracelet would be a good choice for you then. It shows off your creative side but doesn't compromise your style.

9. Risque Cuff Bracelet Silver

You could also choose a design that shows off something of your naughty side. For example, this silver cuff bracelet is designed to look like a corset top. You might also choose one that has a pinup girl designed into it or something of that nature. Get your flirt on with jewelry like this!

10. Silver Cuff Watch Bracelet

Your bracelet cuff doesn't have to be just a bracelet. It can also be more functional than that. There are many watches that are designed in the style of the cuff bracelet. If your normally wear a watch then you know that it's important to choose a watch design that is versatile. As you can see, the silver bracelet cuff is a bracelet that can definitely be worn in a lot of different ways!


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    Will Apse 8 years ago

    I do genuinely admire your hubs. They are so well organised, neatly illustrated and well written. Sadly, this one is way better than mine on the same on the same topic. Don't feel obliged to publish this comment, I won't be in any way offended.