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10 Unique Jewelries You Can Find While Traveling

Updated on November 16, 2015

While traveling the world you always want to find something special, something you will be able to wear and see in your daily life once you are back home. Although aside of the traditional souvenirs and postcards that most of the tourists buy, there are some really beautiful jewelries which will not only decorate you in the most original way, but will also add to your memory of the country you visited. Maybe you are just looking for something special to show your unique personality; then you can no doubt find it while traveling the world.

Venice glass pendants
Venice glass pendants | Source

1. Venetian glass (Murrina) jewelry, Venice, Italy

Venetian glass is a very special type of glass produced in Venice, Italy. The technique was founded in 13th century, and for a long time was kept in secret; its producers were not allowed to leave the country for a long time lest they tell other envious countries the secret behind the glass. Venetian glass is still valued greatly in the world and praised for its beauty and refinement. While in Venice, or in any other city of Italy, you will most likely find glass souvenirs and numerous amounts of jewelry made from Venetian glass. They all are very beautiful and colorful, and you will most likely want to buy something for yourself, for it is definitely something original and impressing to add to your style.

Pendants in Belgian lace shop
Pendants in Belgian lace shop | Source

2. Lace jewelry, Brussels, Belgium

When in Brussels, among many other souvenirs you will definitely see the ones made from, or decorated with, Belgian Lace. The Belgian Lace is a specific type and technique of lace-making, where the flowers and the main design of the pattern are made first, and then the background is added, so the lace is produced in two steps. The lace started to be produced in 15th century and since then is considered one of the trademarks of Brussels. It is extremely beautiful and a true work of art, but what makes the experience even more interesting is that you can buy little jewelries made of it, or containing it inside, under a thin layer of glass. The jewelries look like something magical, and whatever it is, a pendant or earrings, they will serve a good gift and will decorate you in the most refined way.

Delft Blue pendant
Delft Blue pendant | Source

3. Delft Blue jewelry, Delft, Netherlands

The city Delft in Netherlands is very well-known for its porcelain, the history of which goes back to 17th century when the Royal Delft factory was established. The iconic sign of Royal Delft porcelain is the beautiful blue pattern on them, all hand-painted and patiently done. The factory is a famous touristic attraction, where you can paint your own Delft Blue plate or tile, or just watch how the artists do it and buy some souvenirs. Aside from the typical souvenirs bought in Delft, like painted Dutch mills and Delft Blue Christmas decorations, you can find jewelries, pendants, and earrings, all having iconic patterns on them. The most beautiful souvenirs are from the factory itself—the cheaper ones you can find in the city—and they are most often painted by the artists who still paint them in the authentic Royal Delft style. Either of them will be very beautiful though, so if you even visit Delft, do not miss Delft Blue jewelries.

Traditional Chinese hairpin
Traditional Chinese hairpin | Source

4. Chinese hairpins, China

Hairpins were always one of the gorgeous and notable parts of traditional Chinese fashion. In older centuries they were even an important part of some ceremonies, and of course they served as a pretty hair decoration for the rich noble women. In modern China hairpins are still being produced and still wonderfully decorated, with flowers and beads on them, so if you visit the country it can be a wonderful idea to buy one as a gift to your loved ones, or as a souvenir and hair-decoration for yourself, especially the ones which look like a work of art.

Micromosaic pendant
Micromosaic pendant | Source

5. Micromosaic jewelry, Italy

Micromosaics are little pendants or brooches with mosaic depictions of flowers or other patterns on them. They became popular in the 19th century, and many people who came to Italy those days would buy a little mosaic jewelry as a souvenir. The micromosaics are a tiny work of art and of course it requires a lot of delicate work to make one, so if you come to get one in your possession, be proud of it. These days you can still find micromosaic jewelries in antique shops, and some new ones are being produced, too. But the ones made in older centuries still have the best charm.

Matryoshka necklace
Matryoshka necklace | Source

6. Russian doll jewelry, Russia

Russian dolls, or matryoshka, is one of the symbols of Russia, and the one which tourists usually buy as a souvenir. Although, much better than buying a doll itself, is the more interesting wooden jewelry with a tiny doll attached to it. The little matryoshkas can be found on pendants and earrings, and can be wooden or made of other materials. To have such jewelry would be a very unique way to decorate yourself, especially if you like Russian culture.

Maple leaf jewelries
Maple leaf jewelries | Source

7. Maple leaf jewelries, Canada

It’s not a secret that Canada has literally everything shaped like a maple leaf, or even made of maple. The souvenir shops offer you maple leaf earrings, maple leaf keychains, maple leaf necklaces, and even maple leaf bracelets. Some made of maple wood, the others just shaped as a maple leaf. It can be a very stylish belonging and a very nice reminder of Canada. Besides maple wood—if you buy a wooden one—has a pretty pleasant smell and a wooden jewelries are usually very comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Greek coin jewelry
Greek coin jewelry | Source

8. Greek coin jewelries, Greece

Greece is most often visited for its rich and ancient history, so of course they have all kinds of souvenir production connected to it. Some pretty things to buy there are the jewelries inspired by ancient history, and the most stylish of them are the ones that look like ancient Greek coins, sometimes with the image of someone famous like Alexander the Great on them. Aside from earrings with those coins you can also buy a keychain and other different kinds of jewelry, like necklaces. Such a thing will be good to remember the sunny days of Greece when you look at it, and to impress your friends.

Silk thread earrings
Silk thread earrings | Source

9. Silk thread earrings, China

China is known for its silk, which has been in demand since Roman times and earlier. The technique of silk production goes as far as 37 BCE, and it still remains one of the most profitable and valued product in China. Originally worn by the members of the imperial family only, silk was always praised for its beauty, its softness, and its lightness. The most refined high quality silk fabrics can be very expensive, while the simpler types can be pretty affordable for a regular tourist who wants to take a part of this Chinese beauty. Although, aside from decorated fabrics, you can find something pretty and very original in the souvenir and jewelry shops in China. Silk thread earrings will not be expensive at all, and are very eye-catching, and amaze you with their unique look. The most complicated ones will have multicolored silk threads combined in a pattern together, and will look like a real work of art, so do not hesitate to get them.

Timeturner necklace
Timeturner necklace | Source

10. Harry Potter jewelries, London, England

Everyone loves Harry Potter, and many people when they visit England want to catch a part of the books’ spirit and visit certain places connected to them. Some even go there for only that purpose, and little Harry Potter shops will gladly help you with that. There is even one right on the King’s Cross railway station. They will gladly propose you to buy magic wands and other Harry Potter-related gifts, although one of the most precious things there are the jewelries. The great variety of them – from the symbol of Deathly Hallows to the dragon egg necklaced will amaze you and that won’t be surprised if they really are magical.


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