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12 Gifts that liven a Teenage Girl's Wardrobe

Updated on July 15, 2014


Parents often fail to understand their daughters’ reasons for putting on certain cloths instead of others. Any attempt to compel the young ladies to behave differently with regard to attire, often fails to bear fruit. Why is this so?

This article tries to reveal cloths and other things of choice in a girl’s wardrobe, and the reason behind the choices. It is hoped that parents will understand their daughter’s better and cope with their needs. There are many things a girl needs in her wardrobe, but there are those they consider essential towards fulfilling the innate desire to be attractive. Of course there are the obvious ones that need no mention.

Most parents do understand their teenage daughter’s urge for recognition, acceptance and to feel loved in society. There is a need to discover themselves and also be identified by their peers as having a unique eye for fashion items in vogue at any one time. A parent should not be baffled by a request to part with cash to enable them make the purchases listed below. Your teenage daughter considers the following as bare necessities, starting from the head downwards, when it comes to stocking their wardrobes:

A Cap

A part from covering disheveled hair for lack of time to prime it up, a young lady needs a nice good-looking cap that fits in with her chosen wardrobe colours. This aids in concealing her true intention, while leaving the keen observer guessing whether this new look was by design or otherwise. Caps, especially baseball caps, enhance one’s general outlook. While some caps are tight, others are loose fitting. Caps can be used as a shield from the sun or hold the hair down in windy circumstances, or simply managing unwieldy hair, as is common among teens.



A Scarf

This is a garment that is worn around the head, neck or shoulders for warmth or decoration. Traditionally, a scarf serves the purpose of keeping the neck warm. It is necessary in cold regions or seasons. I have witnessed both men and women donning a scarf just to look good. A well chosen scarf actually accentuates ones choice of colour in their chosen outfits, making one to appear flashy and neat. It can make heads turn, and hence preferred by teenage girls in their quest for recognition.

Girls makeup sets

Girls love a makeup set that turns them into a Sparkling Beauty that is likely to catch one's eye.
Don't they love lip glosses, especially those that exude charm, attraction, mystery and intrigue. The butterfly Lip gloss comes in handy to provide the desired twist to things. It guarantees attraction.

A Black Dress

Black is a colour that blends in perfectly with all other colours. One can wear black with pink, purple, red, yellow, green or orange and still look good. It is a preferred colour among men and fashion conscious folk due to its neutral ability to blend in with varied selections of coloured attire.

A black dress will enable you to sit anywhere without worrying over that dark smudge, unlike white dresses. We all know that teenagers like sitting everywhere. The chosen attire should allow for that. Black also adds mystery to their general looks. Girls love mystery. They like baffling to a point where nobody can explain their actions.


This is a coarse durable twill-weave cotton fabric. Most jeans are close fitting heavy denim trousers for manual work or casual wear. Preference by teens is pegged on its casual outlook. Although it comes in many shades, black or blue jeans are the most preferred colours.

Jeans can be worn again and again prior to washing. Teens love them due to the artwork the cloth brings with it. Patchwork, flowery patterns, writings, knee pads, numerous pockets, depth of colour, the fadedness are just a few among many attributes that make Levi’s invention appealing to not just teenagers, but to many denim wearers. It is indeed hardware. To their parents’ chagrin, teenage girls love the close or tight-fitting jeans to enhance or show off their figures. Jeans give a carefree look. Most girls like that carefree attitude. They just love being free of trouble, worry or care. Theirs is a world of cheerful irresponsibility. No wonder, many employers don’t love you in jeans.

A Blazer

This is a lightweight single-breasted jacket often striped in the colours of a club or a school. Whether striped or not, blazers compliment ones outlook by adding that youthful look that is desirable among teenagers. Apart from being a preferred piece of clothing in formal institutions like schools and colleges, it adds dignity to the wearer.

A well made blazer tends to look classy and flashy at the same time. The cut must however fit the wearer correctly to produce the desired effect. It must not be oversize, nor should it appear to be undersize. Blazers look good in both primary colours and other mixtures. It all depends on what you are wearing beneath. Girls want to look young forever, and hence, their choice for blazers. It helps to add the panache such as that found in Celebvita.

A Handbag

Handbags pass for any container used for carrying money and other small personal items or accessories especially by women. A well chosen handbag accentuates ones attire in both size and colour. Handbags have increased in size with time. Contents have also varied over time, with regard to necessity.

Apart from the small items mentioned above, handbags carry a change of clothes, extra pairs of shoes, several phones, toiletries, food and at times a bottle of Coca-Cola or other juices. The contents of a teenager’s bag are a story to tell for another day.

A Belt

A belt is hat band used to tie or buckle around the body, the most preferred region being around your waistline. This is the location where your trouser, shorts, dress or skirt needs to hug the body to prevent your attire from slipping further downwards. People with big bellies often have a problem deciding whether to tie the belt on the belly itself or below the belly. The looks you desire will usually determine this.

Girls like having both wide and thin belts in their wardrobes. This depends on the type of dress they want to wear. A thin belt will look good on certain patterns on fabric. Wider belts reveal the chick in the girl while narrowing the waist. It makes them appear to be slim, a very desirable effect among teenage girls. It helps them appear to shed the effects of unwelcome flab. It also plays the role of a corset or girdle apart from enhancing their dress’s outlook.


All girls love a good skirt in their wardrobe. Age often determines the length of the skirt. Some girls will prefer higher cuts or miniskirts, while others will go for lower cuts.

One’s frame also determines the miniskirt size. While slender body frames of medium height suit such skirts, tall slender frames and short fat body frames might look outrageous in miniskirts. Generally speaking, girls will wear miniskirts for convenience or simple beauty.


Shorts are simply trousers that end somewhere above the knee. How far above the knee is an issue of preference. Some people choose very short skin-tight pants while others prefer trunks.

Pants range from decent to revealing. There is also the freedom shorts offer to the wearer while walking around. You do not want to over-dress when walking around your room or house.


Black high-heeled shoes or pumps are a desirable item on a girl’s shoe rack. A look at Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Knowles or other famous movie star or celebrity donning black high-heels or black pumps strikes a sexy look that makes girls desire similar looks. The shoes add height to the wearer coupled with lofty airs of superiority. They make girls look trendy, hence their desire to have them.

Girls claim to look better in high-heels. The shoes come in many shades and heights to suit any wardrobe.

Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are a “no miss” possession in any small girl’s wardrobe. A part from being comfortable to the wearer, the shoe tries to undo the damage done by the pumps. The most preferred ones are the flat ballet type for easing tension from the feet. They also make the feet appear to be smaller than they actually are. Ballet shoes can be worn both indoors and outdoors, but are more comfortable indoors.

A Pair of Boots

The knee-high boot was copied from cowboy’s preference for the shoe. It tends to be protective and handy for all weathers. It has however been grabbed as a fashion item to enhance looks, to a point where most small girl desire after it, and this, not for convenience, but as a fad. Boots come in many shades and design to suit one’s wardrobe.


Next time your daughter demands to have one of the items above and many others like bungles, necklaces or earrings, try to understand the reasons behind it. They are just growing up. Denying them access might be misconstrued as lack of love towards them. Please, let me hear your views and opinions with regard to the information in this article. Your comments will be highly appreciated.


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  • Anjili profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi SeanKelly,

    Thanks for visiting. Many young ladies don baseball caps just to look good. They are currently commanding what goes in the world market. Baseball caps are selling like hot cake. Try one on a non-sporting occasion and see the result. Please do come again

  • profile image


    6 years ago from Minneapolis / Saint Paul, MN US

    Unless you work at Jiffy-Lube, I'd save the baseball cap for sporting events.

  • Anjili profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for visiting and airing your views. I do agree that many families cannot afford to buy their girls these things. A majority are actually left yearning for these items. I happen to work in a college where the more mature girls go to great pains to acquire these items at lower cost in second-hand shops. I agree about the guilt parents feel when subjected to the pressure by their own daughters. Believe me when I say this from the experience of bringing up four demanding daughters. I had to find out why they desire to have these things so much. There are times when I have had to reason with them when putting them off, for lack of finances. Thanks for passing by and please, do come again. By the way, my second born daughter is also named Laura like you. It was a pleasure to hear from you.

  • profile image


    6 years ago


    I work at a high school and know that many families cannot afford to buy their girls these things. Though they would LOVE to provide these things for their daughters, they aren't able to. I recently bought deoderant and pads for a pre-teen girl whose family couldn't even afford those essentials. It isn't fair to make parents feel guilty into buying these material things for their daughters. Confidence is achieved through a strong upbringing and constant support and praise, not a little black dress.

  • creditreportworld profile image


    6 years ago

    Anjili Agree

  • Anjili profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi creditreportworld,

    I agree with you. Many teens have adopted to the use of sunglasses but they remain in the minority. The figures might increase soon as they take on the fad with flash designs coming into the market. Thanks for your comment.

  • creditreportworld profile image


    6 years ago

    What about Sunglasses ????


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