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3 Key Aspects of Elegance

Updated on July 22, 2016

Lingerie Care

  • Avoid washing it in your machine - if at all possible always wash it by hand. When washing your underclothes in the dryer you want to add a mild detergent (although some people swear by body wash) to lukewarm water. Let your clothes soak for about a half an hour, then GENTLY rub hand soap into them. Rinse them, and then wrap them gently in a towel and roll the towel up with your underwear in them. Press gently, then hang them to dry.

  • If you must wash your clothes in the washing machine, use the gentle cycle. If your bras have under-wires, I'd suggest putting them in a wash bag to keep the wires from getting bent. Do NOT dry them - hang them to dry just as if you were to hand wash them. Most underwear has elastic - elastic is a type of plastic and plastic melts in the dryer.


o Natural Fibers

Clothing made of natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, or silk naturally drape better, and improve your looks. Furthermore, natural fibers last longer; regular washing tends to warp fabric like polyester so that it does not fit right and looks cheap. In your steps to become elegant you do not need to spend a lot of money, you just want it to look like you did and natural fibers will aid you in your quest. In addition, it makes financial sense, natural fibers last longer.

o Properly Fitting Clothes

It is immensely important to make sure your clothes fit you properly; not only does this aid you in your quest for elegance, it is slimming. Think of anyone who personifies elegance to you, and Google their picture – you will not find them in anything skin tight or ill fitting.

Undergarments need to fit well, too; over 80% of women do not wear the right sized bra.[1] My suggestion is, even if you think you are in a properly fitting bra, double check; a properly fitting bra is not only helpful in relieving back pain, but it also makes your clothes fit better, leading to a cohesive and neat appearance.

o Appropriate Undergarments

Your bra strap should never show and your underwear should not peek out when you bend over. Making sure you have the right type of underwear can become expensive, but it is a good investment. To make the most of your underwear, be sure to take good care of them.

o Avoid Faddishness

What is considered elegant has stood the test of time – faddishness rarely looks elegant. For instance - remember the neon socks of the ‘80’s? If what you are considering is ‘the newest thing’, re consider.

o Be Appropriate

Dressing appropriately for the situation is important. Appropriate is defined as ‘suitable or proper in the circumstances ’. That means knowing when to wear jeans, when to wear slacks, and when to wear a dress. A bikini can be totally appropriate – on a beach. A ball gown can be totally appropriate – in a ballroom. However, it would be totally inappropriate to wear a bikini to a ball or a ball gown to a beach. An equally important key to appropriateness is knowing whether you should wear a bikini or a tasteful one piece. It is also important to dress appropriately for your age, dressing like your teenager just makes you look desperate.

o Cleanliness and Neatness

It is very important to be clean, fresh smelling and neat when you leave the house. That means take regular showers, make sure your hair is really clean, brush your teeth, and put on deodorant; if you are going to wear perfume remember that less is more. People should not be able to smell you unless they are standing right beside you. Equally important is neatness; do not wear anything stained or worn out, make sure your hair is neatly combed and styled. Do not leave the house with dirty, chewed up nails or neglected feet. Make sure your eyebrows are neatly shaped, and that you have recently had your lip waxed.

o Makeup

Elegant people never leave the house without makeup, nor do they leave the house caked with makeup. Makeup should be discreetly applied - if anyone can look at you and tell you are wearing makeup, you have got too much on. A good rule of thumb is foundation/face powder, blush, mascara, a light eye shadow, and a barely there lip color. Of course, for eveningwear it is safe to step your makeup up a bit, but keep in mind – you either get to emphasize your eyes or your mouth but NEVER both.

o Jewelry

Keep your jewelry understated and coordinated. All of your jewelry should match, which is one of the reasons your wedding ring (if you have one) should always be simple enough to coordinate your other jewelry with it. During the day, keep your jewelry simple; save your really nice jewelry for eveningwear.

o No Smoking

This is probably going to be unpopular with some people, but smoking is nasty. It used to be that smoking was elegant, but not anymore. First, it quite literally stinks . Second, it stains your nails and teeth yellow.



o Good Posture

Good posture improves your appearance whereas bad posture makes you look sloppy and lazy. In addition, good posture slims down the heavy, and makes the clumsy look graceful.

o Walk With Purpose

Keep your head up and your shoulders back when you are walking; look to where you are walking, not at the ground. Make brief eye contact with people walking toward you, and pay attention to what is going on around you. This not only will improve your appearance, but it also will decrease your chances of becoming a victim. People who walk with purpose give the appearance of being confident, and confidence is sexy and elegant.

o Take a Dance Class

This is not necessary, but helpful. In a dance class you will learn how to walk, stand, and sit; this is done partially by improving the muscle tone that you use for grace – mainly, your core muscles.



o Education

Intelligence is attractive; an elegant person is well educated on current events and can carry on an intelligent conversation about any subject they might come across. This does not necessarily mean that the elegant person must get a formal education – elegant people often are simply well read.

o Manners

Elegant people have a strong grasp of manners and appropriateness. They say thank you, you’re welcome, and please. They wait their turn and are polite with wait staff and cashiers. They know when it is appropriate to speak quietly, and when it is okay to shout (like at a football game). Most importantly, they know when it is appropriate to use strong language. Depending on their station in life, they might also know which forks to use with which coarse, and other bits of etiquette, but that is unnecessary for most people.



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