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4 easy tips to keep you sharply dressed while shopping smart.

Updated on October 7, 2012

Dress Sharp, Shop Smart!

Have you ever critically considered the ‘fashionistas’ in your circles and thought to yourself, ”Gee they must spend a fortune on clothes”. Dressing sharp, believe it or not has little to do with spending a fortune on clothes, especially if you can barely afford to throw a chunk of your income at such expenses and excesses. The key to dressing sharp in the writers’ opinion includes shopping against the season, shopping proactively, mixing old with new, and accessorizing.Try the following cost effective tips for dressing sharp at a bargain if you dare!!!

1. Shop against the season:

Prices in department stores fall to their lowest at the very end of each season and this is when the prudent shopper needs to shop and stock up on basics.Examples of basic essentials at the end of winter include hosiery, thermals, sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, scarfs, etc., and basic essentials at the end of summer include jeans, slacks, capris, shorts, shirts, tank tops and camisoles, and classic dresses (neutral colors stand the test of time and are easier to mix and match).Waiting till these same department store leftovers arrive in the outlet stores means lost opportunities to save hard earned money.

2. Be proactive and shop when the deal is ‘hot’:

Year round shopping for clothes might sound absurd but think about it; waiting till the need arises before shopping for work/everyday clothes typically means one does not always end up with the best bargains due to the pressure to fulfill that need immediately. Year round hunting for clothes means shopping when prices are right for things that are always necessary. The writer’s strategy is to spare a bit of time whenever in the vicinity of a mall/departmental store to drop in and quickly scan through the available sales (the best place to start is always the 75% off clearance rack).This does not always yield compatible items, but never despair as persistence is the key here.Keep visiting department stores/malls you find yourself within close proximity of as this broadens your shopping horizon, as opposed to sticking with your neighborhood mall.And oh, did you know department stores may not all carry the same items at the same time?(Demographics do influence what goods are designated for what stores).

3. Mix a new find with an old faithful/favorite:

Should you always purchase a new top to pair up with that $4.99 bargain slacks/skirt you just picked off the clearance rack? Not necessarily, as the ability to mix and match new things with old (items already in your closet) can exaggerate the size of any wardrobe.All it takes is an eye for color coordination and combining compatible shapes and textures.If this is not your strongest point, help is at hand in fashion magazines; build a small collection of these to help you develop an eye for coordinating colors, patterns, textures and shapes.

4. Accessorize:

Accessories have the potential to transform those $4.99 bargain slacks worn with a simple top into a stunning outfit.Play with accessories by mixing and matching to create your unique style and fool the world into thinking you have it all.Apart from jewelry, scarfs add a whole new finishing elegance to even the plainest of ‘looks’.A lightweight scarf in spring, a warm scarf or mini shawl in cold weather can accentuate ‘overall’.

Successfully putting the above tips to the trial will open your eyes to a whole new way to shop. Never again will you equate dressing sharp with spending too much money............happy bargain hunting!

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