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5 Skincare Tips: How to get rid of the appearance of oily skin on your face

Updated on April 26, 2013
How to get rid of oily skin on your face
How to get rid of oily skin on your face

What causes oily skin?

Over productive sebaceous glands are responsible for our oily skin. We often have large pores, a frequent greasy appearance and our skin can experience more frequent breakouts and be home to unsightly blackheads.

The positives, yes there are positives to having oily skin, is that it is known to slow the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration.

A reduction of the visible signs of aging are all good and well, but living in the now means there has to be a solution. And there is.

Despite this 'up' side, here are 5 basic skincare tips which you can start to introduce today, to help with your oily skin.

This is beauty on a budget and it works.


Tip Number 1: Hydration

Your skin is the largest organ in your body so it needs looking after and needs daily nourishment. This includes water.

Drink water regularly during the day, when you are feeling thirsty, to hydrate your skin from the inside out. Carry a refillable bottle with you, such as a vapur bottle, to ensure you have a refreshing drink on hand when even ever you need it.

An overall healthy diet does wonders for skin imbalance including introducing a shot of wheatgrass into a daily juice.

For external hydration, try a facial water sprayer. They are super refreshing on a hot day. You can buy them in handy small sizes which means you can carry them with you and use them discretely if needed.

Bonus Tip: Do not cleanse or wash your face excessively.

By stripping your skin of its natural oils, you will stimulate more oil production, a very undesirable reaction.


Tip Number 2: Cleanse

One of the best, and cheapest skin cleansers is water. Even though it sounds simple enough, there is some method to this madness.

The trick is to wash your face clean with warm water first. It will open the pores and allow dirt and residue to be removed. Once clean, splash with cold water to close the clean pores.

If you still feel like you are not achieving a clean enough feel to your skin, you need to choose a face wash very carefully.

One common mistake oily skin sufferers make when choosing a face wash is to pick one that’s too drying.

Product Recommendation

I highly recommend Dr Perricone products, in particular the Perricone MD Cleansing Treatment Bar, a multifunctional face (and body) treatment formulated with glycolic acid.

This is not your typical soap. It gently resurfaces the skin, to reveal a glowing complexion.

In clinical trials, more than 93% of participants saw a reduction in blemishes and an improvement in skin clarity.

More importantly, almost all visibly noticed their skin was less oily and their pores had significantly reduced in size.

Tip for avoiding Oily Skin - Avoid Spreading
Tip for avoiding Oily Skin - Avoid Spreading

Avoid Spreading

Tip Number 3: Only Use What You Can Wash

Sounds weird? Well it is very logical.

Avoid using any form of makeup that utilises a sponge or applicator. These spread oil and potential germs from your skin directly to your makeup and then back to your skin, potentially to undamaged areas. All you are doing is contaminating your makeup and spreading oil to other parts of your face and neck.

Use clean fingers to apply makeup or a brush that can be rinsed.

This also refers to the need to avoid touching your face as much as possible. We all do it, rub your cheek, rest your face on your hand. Have you ever noticed your cell phone screen tainted with oily makeup residue after you have finished speaking? Each one of these instances is spreading your oily deposits around your face.

So wash your hands regularly and wipe down any surfaces that come into contact with your face.

Bonus Tip: Do not try to use tissues, or toilet tissues as an alternative to blot. You will end up seeing half of your makeup on the tissue.

Blotting Paper

Tip Number 4: Blot

If you have never heard of blotting paper for the skin, this is a clever idea. Blotting paper are little sheets of absorbtion paper which you can discretely use throughout the day to blot the excess oil as it appears on your skin.

Continuous re-application of makeup over oily skin can result in a thick appearance which is not appealing. Just blot and discard the paper and you are fresh and ready to continue. These clever little sheets absorb excess oil without disturbing makeup.

Pamper with a Dead Sea Mud Mask


Tip Number 5: Treat yourself to a Mud Mask

Mud masks work by drawing impurities from your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and alive. In particular dead sea mud is incredibly beneficial.

Dead Sea mud contains incredibly nutritional minerals which are not only purifying, but also absorb excess oils. They act deeply, removing purities and clean the skin ever so much.

Make sure you select an oil free mud mask. Ahava oil free mud masks are also non-comedogenic, meaning that they are specially formulated to not clog pores.

In just 2 minutes you will feel brand new.

Treat yourself once a week to a skin treatment of this nature and you will see results. With the main ingredients being water and dead sea mud you cannot go wrong.

Do you suffer from oily skin?

See results

These are 5 simple tips which you can implement at home today. Try one or try all. When you are next asked how to get rid of oily skin you can confidently answer this question and over time you will be happy to know that you will be able to get your t-zone under control.

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome ! I really need this !! :)

    • WorkAtHomeMums profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Australia

      The key is that warm water allows the pores to remain open whilst washing skin and therefore allows impurities to be washed away - in some instances clogged pores cause greater oil production.

    • thomas radin profile image

      thomas radin 

      6 years ago

      Does washing with warm water first really make a difference? Nice hub.


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