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How to Repair and Reverse Dry Skin

Updated on April 27, 2019
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Heather is a beauty & style influencer focusing on natural skincare, western fashion for curvy women and travels the country!

No More Dry Skin

If your dry skin has you feeling like your body is a desert then you'll want to learn my 5 tips for ultra dry skin and how you can become a hydrated goddess with glowing and supple skin! Most of these things you can start doing today!

When it comes to our skin we want soft and supple. Not dehydrated and scaley. Dehydrated and dried out skin is one of the most unsightly things to look at and even more when it's on your own body.

I've brought you some of my best tips for dealing with dry skin and how you can start becoming a hydrated and moisturized goddess!

Dry Brushing

If you have not heard of dry brushing, it's time to listen up! Dry brushing is a gentle way of detoxifying and getting the lymph system moving.

You will want to start your shower and let your bathroom steam up. Get out your dry brush and begin at the soles of your feet, working in circular motions brushing your skin upwards.

Pay special attention to your joints, as this is where lymph fluid can collect and become stagnant.

At your stomach work in clockwise motion. You'll continue to the rest of your body; arms, chest, neck, and face. Pay special attention to be very, very gentle on your face. Some people say you should not dry brush your face but a special facial dry brush does the trick!

Dry brushing helps to manually circulate lymph and also helps stimulate the circulatory system.

Dry brushing also helps with a gentle exfoliating of the skin and unclogging pores. You can also see cellulite starting to dimish as you start to dry brush frequently and on a good routine! You will begin to have a great strong cell restructure!

I personally like to dry brush a few times per week. This is always done pre-shower. Every other shower is usually good! About three times per week!

Seasonal Dry Skin?

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A Good Exfoliant Washes Away Dead Skin!

A good exfoliant is a next step to getting rid of dead and dehydrated skin cells sitting on top of your skin not allowing moisture to come in!

Nothing is worse than having dry skin built up on your legs, soles of your feet, elbows and more! When you have this build up of dry skin you are preventing moisture from lotions and oils to penetrate the skin the hydrate it!

I prefer a lathering exfoliant that contains natural ingredients such as essential oils, walnut shell powder and allows for hydration as well!

Bamboo Renew from LimeLife by Alcone has never let me down when it comes to amazing exfoliant! I simply grab a scoop up with my fingers and start at the soles of my feet and work up, in circular motions, I exfoliate every inch of my body! Again, with dry brushing pay special attention to joints! That is where dry skin tends to build up.

I love Bamboo Renew because of its natural ingredients of walnut shell powder, bamboo, essential oils of lemongrass and mimosas flower. It's invigorating and leaves the skin extremely soft and smooth and ready for hydration! Follow up with Raining Zen Shower Gel!

For the face, I love using Skin Polish! It's like a lemon pound cake in a jar! I'll put the mask on my face working in circular motions for about 30 seconds. I leave this mask on while I wash my body and face. Prior to the mask, I'll cleanse with Quench Cleanse to remove dirt and makeup from my face.

For me, showering is a ritual and is like a day at the spa!

Dry & Cracked Cuticles

If you are dealing with ridiculous dry skin, chances are your cuticles are dried out and constantly cracking open! Which is unsightly and painful! Ouch!

One of my tricks to this is using apricot oil. Apricot oil is super nourishing and even more so to your hands and cuticles. Apricot oil is extracted from the kernel of the fruit and not the flesh of the fruit.

Research shows that apricot oil several benefits including being antimicrobial and being ultra moisturizing.

Your dryness can be alleviated with apricot oil which will bring in moisture to those cracked cuticles and hands and even help with eczema because of the oils antimicrobial properties.

My method of taking care of dry cuticles is washing my hands well and then applying the oil to all cuticles. I then rub in the oil really good and then finish off by distributing excess oil over the hands.

A good practice is to apply morning and evening for super dry cuticles and even more throughout the day during the winter months when dry skin can become insanely uncurable!

My Favorite Apricot Oil for Nails!

essie Nail Care, 8-Free Vegan, Apricot Nail and Cuticle Oil, softened and nourished cuticles, 0.46 fl oz
essie Nail Care, 8-Free Vegan, Apricot Nail and Cuticle Oil, softened and nourished cuticles, 0.46 fl oz
The Essie Apricot cuticle oil is the oil I use to keep my cuticles hydrated and nourished! I have seen wonderful results with normal and regular use of this product. Especially in the winter time, I find less cracking if any at all when I use this every day.

My Routine for Dry and Cracked Feet, Heels and Ankles!

Girl, wash those feet and moisturize!

We are hard on our feet! We're on them a lot throughout the day, force them into all types of shoes, walk on rough surfaces and much more! Those puppies are bound to need some TLC!

I notice my feet become the roughest when I wear sandals a lot and during the winter. I have a special routine of feet care and it's pretty simple.

The first thing I do is soak! I soak my feet in a really cool inflatable foot tub and allow them to soak with some Epsom salt and any essential oil I desire! Preferably one that's moisturizing such as lavender and even add some type of carrier oil like coconut!

What I love most about the inflatable foot tub is that I am able to literally take it anywhere and it can be easily packed in a suitcase or bag for taking care of my feet while traveling. Besides the fact of being able to take it anywhere, I don't have to worry about it taking up too much room in my bathroom either compared to bulkier type tubs.

I allow my feet to soak a good while, usually while catching up on Netflix shows. I then scrub each foot thoroughly with an exfoliant. My favorite to do this is Bamboo Renew from LimeLife by Alcone.

After scrubbing each foot very well I dry with a towel and add moisture! Coconut oil or Forty Cure Cream is my favorite and then wrapping them up in soft socks before bed.

I do this routine about once per week. Usually on a lazy Sunday when I don't have a lot of stuff going on. Your feet, heels, and ankles will be dry no more in no time following this routine.

Dry Body

For overall and general help with dry skin throughout the whole body, I highly recommend using a quality lotion or oil.

One of my absolute favorites is literally using coconut oil. Coconut oil everywhere! All over the place. It's cheap, can be found everywhere and will help with a host of skin issues ... including the dry skin.

Since coconut oil is pretty oily, I recommend using this at night. If you're more of a lotion person I love the Hempz Lotion line. I've loved it since the days of laying in tanning beds for several minutes every other day in the early 2000s! ( Don't worry, I don't do that anymore! )

But, it goes without saying the Hempz is one of the most moisturizing lotions I've ever come across! I live in Colorado, super high mountain dry desert climate, and Hempz always does the trick!

Lather up with whatever moisturizer you love and follow my other recommendations and you'll be a moisturized goddess in no time!

What ways do you handle dry skin?

The tips I've gathered throughout the years dealing with dry skin in an even drier climate! Drop your favorite tips in the comments and help others! Have you tried any of these tips? Did they work for you?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Heather Vargas


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