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5 Jeweled Sandals you must add to your collection

Updated on May 28, 2014
Jeweled summer sandals by Carvela
Jeweled summer sandals by Carvela

If you don't already know what they are

Any woman who has not been living in a cave would know what sandals are, and I am sure most of you already know what jeweled sandals are too. Just in case you don't know, these are those dazzling, sparkling sandals that you see celebrities wear in happening functions, those that seem very expensive and those that make the wearer feel like a diva. More often than not, they are really well crafted, and are studded with beads, stones or crystals.

Now that I think I have your attention and interest, let me present to you 5 of these very beautiful pieces of art, that cost you less than what you thought they would, in increasing order of cost.

Rebels Women's Ponderosa Ankle-Strap Sandal

Costing less $50, this is among the most affordable and yet well crafted sandals available online. It is rather low-heeled, with a rubber sole, so it is highly comfortable to those who are not very experienced wearing sandals.
They go great with jeans, to make your casual attire have that extra bling factor. Very easy to wear, and are available in a wide range of sizes, there is no reason why you shouldn't own them, if you don't already.

AK Anne Klein Women's Alesia Flat Sandal

This is another exotic pair of jeweled sandals. These sandals are not only shiny, they are also slithery. They come in two variants, the silver snake and the black snake. The firmly strapped jewels and the smooth thongs keep you comfortable and confident while wearing them. The heel is slightly larger in these, at about 1 inch. They are waterproof, and have flexible soles. Rest assured that you can walk very easily and comfortably in these. They are only slightly costlier, at about $70.

ZiGiny Women's Femme Sandal

On the slightly higher end, ZiGiny Femme sandals are really worth the money. These make you feel as girlish as possible, with some great sparkling stones, beads and a cuff. Very fashionable, and goes off well with most party wear, ensuring that you get more than just a second glance. They can be worn easily, and come with a zipper at the back. The soles are flexible and sturdy. They are made of a synthetic material, and come with a heel size of about 0.25 inches.

Giuseppe Zanotti Women's E10076 Ankle-Strap Sandal

Now we get to the really high-end flat sandals, that are fit only for some very special occasions unless you are already a princess. These sandals, crafted in Italy, feature the finest leather and artwork. The sparkle and glitter of the stones in these make sure you are given a royal treatment. Yet, they are easy to wear, with the standard zipper and are very durable. The sole is 0.5 inches. At $800+, you might have to save up a little before you can buy these.

Casadei Women's 6496 Wedge Sandal

These are among the costliest jeweled sandals you can buy online, at more than $1250. They feature some really large heels too, at 4.5 inches. Crafted with leather and satin, you can rest assured of having a really comfortable time while wearing these. The glitter in these is because of all the very well cut stones that are firmly embedded in the right places, making them seem out of this world, while making you feel on top of the world (well, the high heels ensure that.) The leather is designed to last, and hence, these are really worth that money.


Now that you are enlightened about the most popular and opulent jeweled sandals you can buy online, I am sure you will want to add them to your collection of footwear. All but the last one feature small heels, so you don't have to worry about hurting yourself or wonder about your gait. Dress trendy!


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