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Five reasons to get married

Updated on June 3, 2014

Marriage is a word that is often dreaded by both men and women. People like to think marriage means more responsibility, loss of freedom, more debts and lots of work. While most of it is true, marriage is very important nonetheless.

Here are 5 reasons why,

  1. You have someone you can share your joys and sorrows with.
    You just got promoted? Got a raise? Well, most people in the office are more likely to be jealous of you than being happy for you. Similarly, there are lots of people who will feel happy if something goes wrong for you. Not always, but it is generally true. Get married, and your husband/wife will be more than happy if you are happy, because your happiness ultimately affects his/her happiness too. And if something goes wrong, your spouse will be there to look after you.

  2. You become important to at least one person.
    Yes, before getting married, if you do not have really close friends, nobody really cares about you or your life. What you do and experience is significant only to yourself. This will not be the case after you are married. Your spouse will be your partner in most of your endeavors. Your emotions and moods will matter to your spouse.

  3. You don't have to pay all your bills yourself.
    You can get yourself a bigger house after you are married, or maybe even buy that dream car. This is because, the income to your house is doubled (provided you marry somebody who has a job). But don't get too excited about this, because, your expenses are also close to doubled. Nonetheless, you will have some peace, being assured that there is somebody to support you, and share with you.

  4. You don't have to eat your dinner alone anymore.
    Getting back after a long day from work, and then having to cook your dinner, and finally eating it alone, is really not happening. You deserve a better life. Whether your spouse cooks for you or not, it is far more likely that you will not be having dinners alone after marriage.

  5. You get to live longer.
    Yes, research has proven that married people live far longer than their unmarried counterparts. This is primarily because, we as social beings, have an inherent need for bonding and close relationships. You tend to get lonelier as you age, and without having a spouse, your life gets more boring every day. Also, remember, as you age, the chances of you getting married are getting thinner and thinner. When you are lonely, and life is not interesting, you wouldn't want to have a long life anyways.

Alright, the above stated points hold good for most marriages. Unless you commit the blunder of marrying a completely incompatible person, your life generally gets better after marriage. Yes, there will be more responsibilities and expenses, but you will also have more love, bonding and helping hands.


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      tuctuc 6 years ago


      bond ,

      systematsation of life !!

      major factors are ignored !!