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A Man For All Seasons: The Best Men's Cologne For The Holidays and Winter Months

Updated on May 26, 2014
Make sure you smell nice in case "Rusty" had too much Beef-A-Reno!
Make sure you smell nice in case "Rusty" had too much Beef-A-Reno! | Source

Scents for a Winter Wonderland

What are the best winter colognes for a gentleman to wear in between the fall and spring seasons? As you go into the holiday season and the temperature continues to drop, you want to have a cologne that blends well with short days, long nights, frost on the window and snow on the ground. In my last article about cologne, we looked at The Best Cologne for the Fall and Autumn months, so now let's take a look at some fine men's fragrances to carry you through the Holidays and into Winter.

The key to a good Winter cologne, is not only does it need to smell good, it needs to tell a story. It's is a reflection of you, your mood, your attitude and your identity. It can be a way to stimulate your imagination and the imagination of those who encounter your aroma.

A good scent for Winter should be just a bit heavier and a warmer fragrance that leaves your presence in it's wake. It should be subtle and not overbearing.

Traditional Winter scents are more warmer and have sex appeal. There should be a sense of sweetness from exotic woods, musk, and amber; while some have a vanilla or Holiday food note; lavender would not hurt in the slightest.

A good Winter scent, can be have very warm fresh oriental flavor and would be optimal in cold weather because it will give a warm and uplifting feeling to all in it's path, scents like cinnamon and vanilla and spices are PERFECT for winter.


Angel for Men

Have you ever wondered what F. Scott Fitzgerald would smell like as he sipped Jack Daniels and wrote the Great Gatsby at Musso & Franks oh so many moons ago? The distinct mixture of cigarettes, pipes and cigars all in one cloud hovering over a room filled with Benny Goodman and an aged steak. Blended with a fine Merlot and after dinner espresso.

Of course there's a woman in a fine velvet evening gown and we transition from F. Scott Fitzgerald at Musso & Franks to Ciros in the 1940s.

Angel is the smell of film noir. It is dark, it is mysterious, it is sexy. Inside there are hints of Chocolate, Coffee and Caramel. You may want to eat this cologne... ladies may want to as well.

Wearing this on a cold winter night will ad a hint of spice to any event. This is a rainy night with frozen breath, it's a string quartet on the deck of the Queen Mary in December, it's a haunted jazz club in Hollywood, it's anything your imagination wants it to be as long as it's a little dark and quite mysterious.

If you're looking to create a musky air of mystery and sensuality, this is the cologne for you.


Egoiste Platinum FOR MEN by Chanel

Ask yourself, it's January 7th, you've been on the slopes all day, your legs are sore and tight, you've just climbed out of a hot shower and are dressing for dinner and a few belts at the bar. You think you may even want to see if that little snow bunny you passed a couple times out there will be in the lodge tonight. Right before you pull on that thick grey mock turtleneck sweater, make sure to spritz a few times with Egoiste Platinum.

While the imagination will have you in any ski lodge you choose, I would like to say this scent would be perfect in Switzerland. That's where my imagination went, but yours could take you elsewhere and anywhere.

This cologne is warm and excellent for the cold winter months. It carries a sweet flavor on the end and is a not strong. It has an inviting aroma and because it is Chanel, has that classy elegance and European style to it. It goes well during the day for business meetings and fits perfectly for quite nights out and about. Whether you're off to the pub to meet and greet, going ice skating with a lady, walking the icy wet streets of some north east sea port village or just off to the theater, this fine cologne will keep you well and all in range too.


Miller Harris Citron Citron

As the snow begins to melt and the trees begin to blossom, the olfactory goes to the smells of coming citrus. Winter has us longing for the warmth of Spring and Summer and as the seasons turn, we close out Winter with the bitter sweet smell of Citron.

Miller Harris captures this luxurious scent with Citron Citron. This is a rather androgynous/unisex scent and will go well on men and women if your skin takes it.

From their website: "Citron Citron has an essence of citrus with all the bright, clean freshness that suggests. A vibrant spritz of Sicilian lemon, Spanish orange and Jamaican lime are given spin by cool mint and basil, while a complex base of green moss, Moroccan cedar and cardamom provide a lasting background."

I first found this cologne staying in at The Fairmont in San Jose. Miller Harris Citron Citron was the selection for Shampoo, Soap and Lotion. I immediately fell in love with the smell. It was a perfect scent for February which is when I was staying there.

Men, if you're looking on line, you may find some sites that bill this as ladies perfume and some that bill it as unisex. Between you and me, there's nothing feminine about this cologne or perfume or whatever you want to call it. It has a sense of grace to it, English sophistication and even a little glamor. That being said, if you decide to give this one a go, you will not wind up compromising your masculinity.

This scent is clean. Which is why I'm sure a high end establishment like the Fairmont chose it. For me, I was in San Jose getting certified to use and teach Russian Kettlebell Training. I was spending 8 hours a day lifting, pressing, swinging and sweating. When I would get back to my room this clean scent re-energized me and brought some relief my aching muscles.

Now I wear this one all year, but it does get more attention in the months following Christmas and into March as the seasons transition. Give this one a go and I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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Chill Out!

Winter is a wondrous season. Whether you're giving the special man in your life a gift or shopping for yourself, a good cologne can enhance the story that you're telling. When you meet people you're telling a story. How you smell has a lot to do with how you are perceived and even judged by others.

Many people are put off by cologne that is too strong. When you're using cologne think with these two things.

  1. If things start to get a little warm, you're body temperature goes up and you don't want to stink, you're cologne will make a great buffer if you will.
  2. Your olfactory calling card. People smell this and think of you. You leave your scent on things. Animalistic, yes, but you'll fair better leaving the scent of your cologne on a ladies pillow rather than peeing on it. Evolution at work here!

So as you head out into the market to sniff and shop and buy, give one of these scents a try. They're my favorites and come highly recommended.

What is your favorite cologne to wear in the winter months? Leave a comment below and clue us in!

Heading into Winter Giving Thanks


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    • David R Bradley profile image

      David R Bradley 5 years ago from The Active Side of Infinity

      mae, Joop was a standard for me back in the early to mid 90's. Great scent!

    • profile image

      mae 5 years ago

      I am a Joop fan. Can turn my head in a crowd.