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A delicious smelling and great for skin holiday gift: Malie coconut vanilla beauty oil

Updated on December 10, 2015

A beautiful, natural holiday gift

Coconut vanilla beauty oil

Points of difference

There are no unpronounceable ingredients in the beauty oil -- just 10 nut oils -- each with their own unique qualities. Several of the oils are Hawaiian favorites, including macadamia, kukui nut and coconut.

There are also "hydrosols" in this formula. Hydrosols are like floral waters, except they use the whole plant, including stems and leaves. That gives them a rich, more complex fragrance. (Think about the difference in scent between a tomato and its leaves.) Hydrosols are supposedly more easily tolerated than essential oils.

What's a beauty oil and what is it like?

This is an oil so pure and unadulterated with artificial fragrances or fillers, you can use it anywhere. It's for skin and hair! It's light and more easily absorbed than most other oils. It leaves a drier touch, so it shouldn't stain clothing or furniture.

Because of these qualities, it's great as an overnight hair serum, body serum instead of or under heavier creams, a cuticle oil, a shine oil for bare legs, etc. It's packaged in a plastic, perfectly sized for 3-1-1 carry-on travel bags/TSA flight requirements.

Coconut vanilla scent is delicious and dessert-like! And though it's a "gourmand" natural fragrance, it still has some complexity. Here's how they describe it:

• Top: Butter, Banana
• Mid: Coconut, Jasmine, Peach
• Base: Vanilla

Why this oil as a holiday gift?

The brand and packaging suggest high-end luxury without generic ubiquity. The most famous hotels and spas in Hawaii and also Japan carry the line.

Its healthful and ethical manufacture will be appreciated by even the most conscientious nature buffs. Its quality will impress the most sophisticated beauty maven.

About Malie

Malie (pronounced mah-lee-ay) is a woman-owned American-made beauty brand based in our most exotic state: Hawaii. The fruits, nuts and herbs that grow here are unlike any others in the country. Plants build up vitamins and micro-nutrients in the paradise weather and in the volcanic soil. Also, Hawaii is famous for a relaxed, outdoor-loving lifestyle, as well as spas.

Their products are formulated solely with natural, organic and wild-crafted ingredients. "Wild-crafting" means that the plants were harvested in a natural habitat and not farmed. Malie -- like others who wild-craft -- is sensitive about sustainable collection of ingredients.

Malie is a vegan brand that does not test on animals.


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