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Jennifer Aniston hair sedu style

Updated on March 15, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Sedu Style Burn's Up the Knight

Jennifer Aniston Sedu Style, When you think about popular actress Jennifer Aniston there are two things you think of, the sucessful and popular and television shows, Friends, and fabulous sedu hairstyle!

As far as Friends goes, Jennifer Aniston has been long regarded as one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood and one of the best people as well. As far as her hairstyle, Aniston's hair choice has brought on a sweeping army of women who strive for the same look! Jennifer Aniston doesn't so much follow the newest trends in Hollywood as she actually goes out there and makes her own trends up- and watches as everyone follows her! When she decided to turn primarily to the sedu hairstyle it turned out very well for the Aniston hair. Jennifer's sedu style shows off her gorgeous face and her expression-full eyes! You Can find more pictures of Jennifiers Hairsytle at

However, since Aniston has brought in this new style nearly everyone can have a similar look if they want! If you want to copy the model of this trend then you should look for Aniston hair pictures because Jennifer's sedu style is everywhere in the fashion magazines! All you need is a flat iron or a sedu hair straightner! Hair products are a thing of the past and straightners are a thing of the future! It doesn't matter if you have long, short, curly, thick, thin or even straight hair, a sedu style can work on your hair!

Here is a quick 1-2-3 guide to getting sedu style hair like Jennifer Aniston!

1. Condition first! The first thing you need to do is condition your hair well. You can use just a generic conditioner but make sure you use something outside of shampoo because your hair is going to need the extra protection. Towel dry and flatten your hair as much as possible. 2. Use hair sculpting gel in order to relax your hair and give it a shiny appearance. It is important to make sure the gel is well coated throughout your hair and that you aren't just focusing in on one part. 3. Blow-dry your hair and brush through it at the same time. If you have thick hair then this may be a tricky part of the process but you must get your hair dry before straightening. All right, now you can straighten!

Looking like a movie star has never been easier then when trying to look like Jennifer Aniston! Straight means sexy and straight can be done efficiently and smoothly with a sedu hair straightner!


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