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Antique Jewelry: How I Found My Wife Her Engagement and Wedding Ring

Updated on October 30, 2012

How it started

My wife and I met in late 2000. We started dating in 2001. Our first kiss came on February 16th. That's the day my life changed. Several things came into view. The first was light and energy. I had kissed girls before, but not like this. This was different. I felt like my hair was about to stand on end. My lungs felt light. I had no idea what to do with myself. In an instant, something in me realized this was no ordinary girl.

Having had a few misfires and mishaps with the women folk in the past, needless to say, I honored what my instincts and gut was telling me, but I proceeded with caution.

After dating for a few weeks and getting to know her better, I realized that I had someone special. She was well raised, moral, and very sweet. She also had a little spice to her. She was smart, fun to be with, and had a silly side. We had some things in common, yet we are different enough to where we compliment each other. As the weeks turned to months and we grew closer, I started to look at the very real possibility, that on that night, February 16th, I very well may have kissed the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

Not wanting to rush to judgment, I made a few decisions in those early months. The first was this. Push aside all these thoughts of forever and dreamy crap and replace it with a genuine attempt to really know this beautiful woman who unexpectedly popped into my life. In 2 years, if you still feel the same way, go for it. As I had mentioned, early on, I thought she might be the one, so I didn't want to push it and risk scaring her off and I didn't want to jinx it either. The second thing was, if I decide to pop the question in 2 years, I want a 1 year engagement.

I wanted to honor the traditions of the past and give her family the time they needed to get to know me a little better too.

The past is something I am connected to in a great many ways. I like Big Band Jazz. I prefer 1920s - 1940s style of car over 2010s. I exercise with Physical Culture devices like Kettlebells and Clubbells. I'm way old school. And I try to live in the morality that was present in those days.

So, I'm gonna propose, now what?

My sweet girl is a princess. She's a classy lady. She deserves something a little out of the ordinary. She is a unique gift from God and I couldn't justify going to the mall or traditional jewelry store to buy an engagement ring...

Plus I was broke. At the advise of a buddy, I started saving and setting aside all the one dollar bills I came home with. I was waiting tables at the time, so that seemed like a nice way to save up.

I decided to get an antique ring. I like vintage stuff, my lady likes the Victorian Era. Why not?

I shopped around, looked around, wandered around the Internet and the stumbled upon The Way We

The Way We specializes in antique jewelry and estate sales. I saw exactly what I was looking for. Beautiful pieces that all came with a story. Even if I didn't know the story, I knew each piece came with one. As I looked around and found myself teetering on the cusp of my budget. I was just out of my league and price range. I also was in the process of repairing my credit, so I was a little short on cash. I had to make do with all those one dollar bills I'd been saving.

Shortly after realizing that I needed to find a solution here, I saw another site, owned and sponsored by The Way We .

This site was called and there they literally had, the next best thing. New jewelry that is based on the styles of the Edwardian Era, the Victorian Era and Art Deco. Heavens be praise, this was exactly what I wanted and in my price range. I picked out a nice one that just seemed perfect for my sweet girl. It was small yet sophisticated. Elegant and simple. The ring was also very beautiful. It had in it many of the qualities that attracted me to this lovely woman I wanted to make my wife.

I ordered the ring. The service I received was fantastic. On the phone they listened to my story, understood my needs and guided me through the process. Any time this nervous soon to be ex bachelor called with a question, they were right there willing to help. I got the Wedding Rings form them and a few years later I bought an Antique watch for Christmas. Every time, the people at The Way We Were and Circa1930s were gracious and very helpful.

The ring arrived right on time and on the evening of Saturday February 22nd, in the presence of friends and family, I ask my sweet girl for her hand in marriage...

She said yes. We were married one year later on a Saturday in February. It rained that day, just like it did when my Grandparents were married in 1934. Fitting, don't you think?

Wedding Pictures


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    • profile image

      jewellery channel 7 years ago

      beautiful story David..

      and yes vintage jewellery is what that fascinates women the most..

    • David R Bradley profile image

      David R Bradley 8 years ago from The Active Side of Infinity

      Amen to that!

    • Carol Oliveira profile image

      Carol Oliveira 8 years ago

      "All good things happen in the rain." ~Eleanora Bradley

    • David R Bradley profile image

      David R Bradley 8 years ago from The Active Side of Infinity

      I'm glad you liked the story. What a lucky break you got there on Ebay!

    • palmerlarryray profile image

      Larry Ray Palmer 8 years ago from Macon, Missouri

      Awesome story and advice David. I have bought estate jewelry several times over the years. One of my favorites was a ring I bought for my exgirlfriend on Ebay. I couldn't find anything that matched her personality in the local shops but 3 weeks of searching online found just the ring I wanted.

      My own wedding band is actually an Ebay special as well. $299 in the stores and I got it for less than $10 with shipping so I was quite proud. Plus, it has outlasted the rings I paid a lot more for in the stores.