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Babor Cosmetics Face Design

Updated on April 21, 2011

Babor . . .

If you haven't heard of this astonishing skin care, and cosmetic line, you are in for an illuminating surprise! And for those of you who are very familiar with Babor, you may or may not have discovered their Babor Face Design Collection.

On March 29, 1955, Dr. Michael Babor registered his HY-OL at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. See the history of Babor at the end of this article.

Made with natural ingredients, the new luxurious products provide protection, regeneration, and color all in one. The face design collection consists of two components, a technique exclusively developed for easy home use by international make-up artist, Peter Schmidinger, and a make-up collection that is revolutionary and which complements the technique perfectly.

It is beauty and skin care all in one luxurious product!

The women who have experienced professional Babor expertise in the salon and spa can now utilize these same products in their own home. And, with the techniques outlined, your new face design will be easily executed. You really will appear beautiful, and feel beautiful.

Astonishing Skin Care With Babor


Babor Foundation & Powder

Foundation: Hyaluronan and wheat proteins provide moisture in this rich, creamy textured foundation. It will conceal conceal small imperfections, while the "Stay True" pigments guarantee lasting color, and long shelf life.

The Deluxe Foundation is available in five shades.

Age Conceal Foundation: Anti-Age Foundation fluid contains live pumpkin, and retinol cells. It regenerates all skin types and it's light dispersing pigments conceal lines, and gives natural UVA protection.  Available in three shades.

Mattifying Foundation: A light, creamy foundation that has a light, powdery finish. It will stay put all day, and prevents that annoying shine. "Stay True" pigments give lasting color with it's lipid complex made from olive oil. It will protect, regenerate, and treat with it's lifting complex. Available in five shades.

Mineral Powder Foundation: Loose, light powder, with the ability to cover like a foundation. It is made up of 99% minerals that give you skin a slight shimmer. Your face will look natural and fresh. No artificial colors, oils, perfume, wax, or talc. It best applied with a kabuki-brush with circular strokes, working it into the skin.  Available in two shades.


Babor Skin Illuminator and Eye Brow Pencil

Perfect Skin Illuminator:  A brightener that comes in a case with an applicator brush.  Long lasting concealer has mimetic pigments that won't build up in facial lines.  It's lifting complex protects, treats, and regenerates.  Available in three shades.

Maxi Definition Eye Brow Pencil:  Easily traces your eyebrows without smudging.  Has a nice brush at the end of the pencil.  Available in four shades.



Babor Soft Duo Blush

The Babor Super Soft Duo Blush:   Two colors allow you to effectively add shadows and brighten your face.  It contains different sized particles fill up lines, giving you an even complexion.  It also has a lifting complex that treats, protects and regenerates.  It does not contain formaldehyde or methylbenzene.  Available in four shades.



Babor Eye Make-up

Advanced Eye Shadow Base: Eyelid foundation that is soft cream-to-powder. It will cover small blood vessels and any redness. Prolonged wear that evades build up in the eyelid crease.

Super Soft Eye Shadow: The eye shadow is silkier than any you've used due to plant oils, beeswax and wheat starch. It covers great, makes the eyes shine, and is long lasting. It regenerates the eyes and protects from environmental stresses. Available in fifteen shades.

Maxi Definition Eye Contour Pencil: A water-resistant, long lasting eyeliner with really nice coverage. Moisture delivered through Ceramide III and pearl proteins. It comes with a nice little sponge. Available in eight shades.

Maxi Definition Eye Liner: Line your eyes with precision. Encased in a lovely metal case and tipped with an innovative calligraphy tip for drawing precise lines. Custom refil cartridges available in black.

Long Lash Mascara: Curved brush for forming and lengthening your lashes with one stroke. Long lasting and moisurizing with Panthenol.

Maxi Volume Mascara: Elastomer brush gives more volume and guarantees lash definition. Leaves you with expressive, beautiful eyes!


Babor Lip Make-up

Advanced Babor Lip Base:  Lip primer is advanced with a creamy, anti-age texture.  Lips have more volume and more moisture thanks to the Hyaluronan micro spheres.  You will notice how much longer your lipstick and lip gloss stay on.

Maxi Definition Lip Liner:  Long lasting and water resistant.  Excellent color lip liner has great definition and coverage.  It contains carnauba and candelilla wax, along with vitamin E.  This lip liner will prevent your lipstick from running outside your lip line.  It comes with a nice lip brush.  Available in six shades.

Ultra Performance Lip Color:  New formula with a lifting effect!  It won't stick, and creates a nice thin film.  Sensitive skin is protected from the environment while being treated and regenerated.

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss:  Ultra brilliant with a lifting effect.  This lip gloss has a smooth, highly elastic film that doesn't stick or just lie on your lip's surface.  Treats, regenerates, and protects.  Available in seven shades.

The Babor History Time-Line

  • 1950s - FIrst Babor product registered in Germany, and it was used as a registered name on 12/3155.
  • 1960s - Dr. Leo Vossen acquires 90% of the holdings and moved the company to Aachen.
  • 1970s - Babor pioneers the ampule; a tiny glass bottle used for their concentrated fluids.
  • 1980s - Babor opens its own training center at the headquarters in Aachen - a milestone in history.
  • 1990s - Total quality management was introduced throughout the company.
  • Today - The Body Line Thermal skin care products replaced the previous Body Line.


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