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Baby Christening Gowns

Updated on March 6, 2010

Finding The Perfect Baby Christening Gown

A christening ceremony is the first time and the official introduction of your child into the religion of Christianity.

It is a process where the whole family can come together to proudly witness a new member joining the fold.

Every parent wants to ensure that their little one looks perfect on this day and will therefore be on the hunt for the prettiest gown available.

There are indeed many baby christening gowns to choose from and here are just a few examples of what is available online at Amazon.

New Satin Puffed Skirt Christening Baptism Gown

This is a beautifully designed baby christening gown that comes with a matching bonnet.

It is made from a white satin fabric and has a delicate and intricate appliqué detail work around the collar and the bottom edging of the dress.

The sleeves are short and sewn to give a puffed effect and has lace trimming surrounding the edges.

Beautiful baby christening gowns are available online
Beautiful baby christening gowns are available online

The bodice has a triple floral bow around the waistline with a design that matches the collar and hemline.

The gown is full length and has been stitched to create a puffball style which is simply stunning.

The back of the dress has button fastenings and a lovely tie sash.

Any little baby or toddler will look absolutely perfect in this gorgeous gown and the christening day will be even more special for the whole family.

Traditional style baby christening gown
Traditional style baby christening gown

Long Length Traditional Christening Baptism Gown Dress

If you are after a traditional style gown, this could be the one for you. It is created using lots of lace, netting and embroidery.

This is a delicately made short sleeved baptism gown with mini crystals and sequins sewn onto the bodice of the dress. This dress also incorporates a design with triple flowers and pearls.

The gown comes with an adorable matching bonnet that has just as much detailed embroidery work as the christening dress.

Lace baby christening gown and bonnet
Lace baby christening gown and bonnet

The gown is available in four different sizing categories so you buy it for a baby or toddler ranging from 0 months all the way up to 24 months.

This is a traditional style so you could hold on to it and pass it on to the next generation and create your own tradition which would make this dress even more special.

Dreamy New Lace Christening Baptism Gown

This is another example of a stunning dress to make your baby looking wonderful during their christening. It has a long gown with matching cape and bonnet.

 It is made from lots of lace, sequins, pearls and sheer organza.

It is a short sleeved baptism gown with a coordinating lace trimmed bonnet.  The cape is made from sheer organza which is edged with a layer of ruffled lace.

The bodice is adorned with appliquéd embroidery which also encompasses sparkling pearls and sequins.


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