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Handheld baby Monitor

Updated on April 3, 2011
Handheld baby monitor from Graco
Handheld baby monitor from Graco

Every parent wants to ensure that their baby is safe at all times and one way to help ensure this is to invest in a handheld baby monitor. You simply place the main unit in the baby’s bedroom and keep the parent unit with you so that you can hear that your child is sleeping soundly.

There are now two way baby monitors that have video screens so you can also see that your baby is safe.

Here are some examples of what is available to buy online from Amazon.

Two Way Baby Monitors - Graco Ultra Clear II 49mhzBaby Monitor

This is a great way to ensure that you can keep in contact with your baby wherever you are in your home.

This package includes a monitor that you place in your baby’s bedroom or nursery and two units that that you can choose to either carry around with you or leave in the room that you find yourself in most. An example is that you can keep one unit in your bedroom and use the other as the portable unit.

There are many other benefits with this type of baby monitor. The unit that you place in your child’s room has a soft glow nightlight incorporated in the design.

This means that you can set the nightlight to help your little one to fall to sleep in a room that isn’t too dark. There is an automatic 15 minute timer that will switch off the light without disturbing your little one.

The range for this monitor is up to 500 feet so you should have no problems hearing your baby wherever you are in your home or garden.

Handheld Baby Video Monitor
Handheld Baby Video Monitor

Baby Video Monitors

Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor 1.8" Screen

Now you can buy handheld baby monitors with a colour video monitor. This ensures that you can not only hear that your baby is safe and sound, but you can also see that they are happy and comfortable in their cot or bed.

This portable monitor has a 1.8 inch colour video screen.  It can be operated using rechargeable batteries or simply plug it in with the adapter that comes with the package.

You can choose to switch on the monitor to see your little one or you can just depend on the sound. 

For added convenience there is a belt clip so that you can carry the portable unit around the house and continue with other activities that you need to do safe in the knowledge that you can hear and see your baby at a touch of a button. 

This monitor has a 350 foot range and with a choice of two channels, the technology has excellent clarity.


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