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Bath and Body Works Holiday Scents for 2011

Updated on February 1, 2015
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Christmas is Coming...

Like it or not, Christmas is steady on its way. For this holiday season, many people will be getting Bath & Body Works products and gift sets. Bath & Body Works makes perfect gifts for everyone you know. Even if you aren't interested in buying shower gels, lotions, or lip glosses for someone else, it never hurts to purchase a few things you may really enjoy for yourself.

You've worked hard all year! Now, you have to deal with the stress of Christmas shopping. Don't you deserve something for yourself? What better way to relax than buying some sweet-smelling Bath & Body Works products? So go ahead and get pampered.

This year Bath & Body Works is featuring some old favorites, as well as a new Christmas scent. These holiday scents are sure to make everyone happy. Let's review Bath & Body Works holiday scents for 2011.

Vanilla Bean Noel

A Christmas favorite that comes out every year is the extremely popular Vanilla Bean Noel. Sure, Warm Vanilla Sugar is nice, but it simply cannot compare to the sweetness that is Vanilla Bean Noel.

Vanilla Bean Noel smells like vanilla frosting. Some may say the scent is too strong, but I disagree. It is the sweetest of all the vanilla scents, but it is delightful. Not only will it make you crave cupcakes, it will also get a lot of compliments.

Winter Candy Apple

The next most popular scent at Bath & Body Works, according to the sales associate at the store today, is the Winter Candy Apple. The Winter Candy Apple is another very sweet scent at Bath & Body Works. Obviously, it has an apple scent, but also has a hint of vanilla.

This is the perfect scent for someone that enjoys fruit scented products, but is looking for something a little sugary. It is not a very strong apple scent, so this can also work for someone that likes apples, but does not want to smell like they bathed in applesauce.

Twisted Peppermint

For those of you who are looking for a really traditional Christmas scent, what could be more traditional than peppermint? If candy canes are your thing, you don't want to miss out on the Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint scent. This will give you a fresh, minty scent and the people around you will crave candy canes all day long!

Pink Sugarplum

New to Bath & Body Works this holiday season is Pink Sugarplum! I have to say this scent is a definite winner. It is very sweet smelling, with a slight fruity scent. It also comes in extremely adorable hot pink packaging. I suspect this is going to be a huge hit this year for Christmas.

UPDATE - February 2012: If you are desperate to get your hands on Pink Sugarplum products, yet it is not in season right now, thankfully there are folks selling Pink Sugarplum scented items on Amazon so you can get your Pink Sugarplum fix. Next Christmas, I plan on stocking up with much more Pink Sugarplum products so I don't run out either.

UPDATE - For Christmas 2013, Bath and Body Works decided to discontinue Pink Sugarplum. Many fans were extremely disappointed. In 2014, Bath and Body Works offered a new scent called Sugar Plum Dreams. Although it is not the same, it is helpful for those of us that miss Pink Sugarplum and can't find it for a reasonable price on eBay or Amazon.

Start Shopping Now!

Don't forget, the best Bath & Body Works scents are long gone before Christmas ever begins. If you are the type to wait for those after Christmas sales, you'd better not try it with Bath & Body Works holiday scented items.

If you love sugary, sweet scents, then I highly recommend the classic Vanilla Bean Noel scent, but I also recommend the new Pink Sugarplum. You will not be disappointed! You deserve to treat yourself to small luxuries every now and then, and these bath scents are perfect for that. Never forget, you can even indulge in a nice bubble bath with any of your favorite Bath & Body Works scents right now. Why wait for Christmas?

Vanilla Bean Noel and Pink Sugarplum shower gels - Holiday 2011
Vanilla Bean Noel and Pink Sugarplum shower gels - Holiday 2011

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