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Batman Tattoos

Updated on July 1, 2014

Batman Heroes and Villians Temp Tattoos

I was just spending time doing some web surfing the other day and decided to look around to see if there were any Batman tattoos out there and if they were popular in any way.

Lo and behold, I was really surprised to find a huge amount of images of the caped crusader being portrayed in body art.

Among my favorite tattoos, no matter what the particular theme is, are those that tell a story, and there is one in particular below that is tremendous in that regard.

As for a number of the others, they're depictions of Batman as most of us think of him; some in color and others in my preferred tattoo color: black.

However you like Batman though, here are some very cool tattoos people had inked on to celebrate what appears to be their favorite super hero. 

I though we could start off looking at the Batman tattoos with a couple of his head, with the one below being very striking and close to Batman when he was played in the movie by Christian Bale. This looks almost exactly like him, and was done extremely well.

Batman in the Beginning

While this tattoo head of Batman is very different from the image above, it is very compelling and brooding. I like the artwork in how it offers up the folds in the mask and those eyes are totally intense so you can almost feel the gaze as he appears to be looking for a circumstance he can intervene in.

Very few women had tattoos of Batman, but here's one that did, and it's interesting to see him on a female convass.

As for the image itself, I like the background of the lighted city in the back of Batman heading into action.

Too bad it extended onto her shoulder where you couldn't see the entire tattoo.

Batman on Woman's Shoulder

The Batman tattoo was very different below, and while the head wasn't too appealing to me, the rest of the image definitely was. The detail of the muscles and cape was done very well, although the one hand did look a little too cartoonish, and as if it was only a continuation of his suit and not a glove over it.


The Batman tat below is a good example of why I prefer the straight black or dark tattoos to colored ones ... at least in most cases, as there are a few exceptions.

There is something about how a straightforward tattoo like this is presented on the skin. It looks more natural an compelling to me than those attempting too much to make it a work of art in the sense of coloring them up.

This is by far my favorite Batman tattoo, even if it may not be considered the best as far as from an straight artistic point of view.

Any Batman fan will immediately relate to the way he feels about protecting Gotham City. This tattoo captures that feeling and emotion well, and is able to do that unique thing of telling a story with a simple image.

There were a lot of Batman tattoos to look at, but these were pretty much a good sampling of most of what was out there.

Also of note is some of the villains and allies of Batman as tattoos, but I thought I would save them for another hub.


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