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Beaded Braid

Updated on March 19, 2013

Get Some Bling

When hair is long, braiding it can be a great help to get it out of your face, eyes, mouth and food. Children have a particularly difficult time with long hair. They like it long, but the brushing and the tangles can be almost more than it's worth to have long hair.

Braiding the long hair reduces the tangles a great deal. Brushing out hair that has been in a braid is a much easier, happier occasion than non-braided hair.

The same old braid day-in and day-out may become boring to the wearer Adding a little bling to the braid is fun, easy and refreshing.

Photo's to Follow Along

Separate a Section
Separate a Section
Moisten Until Threadable
Moisten Until Threadable
Thread a Bead On
Thread a Bead On
Finished Hair with Beads
Finished Hair with Beads

What You Will Need

At your neighborhood craft store you can find all kinds of beads, stones, shells and little ceramic blings that have a hole drilled through the center of them. Blings with sparkles or letters and numbers are also fun. Necklace and bracelet kits have a great assortment of bling that can be used for a braid. It doesn't matter what you choose just as long as there is a hole drilled through it. Blings with a large diameter hole can be used with blings that have a hole that is a small diameter (diameter: the size of a circle).

To create this braid all you need are four things:

  • Someone that can braid hair. You can learn by clicking this link.
  • Several of the items you want to place in the hair.
  • A hair band to secure the braid when you're done braiding it.
  • A cup of water for moistening the hair you're going to thread.

Pick out which blings you want to add to the braid. I have the person I'm braiding choose their hair blings. The kids always enjoy this part. I will offer them colors or designs that match so they just have to pick which ones they want.

8 East Steps

Choose between eight and ten blings depending on their size. Less for larger blings and more if they are small blings.
Brush out the hair
Separate a section of hair about the diameter of a drinking straw. The very end will be narrower than a straw.
Dip your fingers into the water, grasp the last two inches of the section of hair and slide your wet fingers down the section to moisten the hair. Repeat until hair section stands firm enough to thread your chosen bling onto it. (see photo)
5th Thread the moistened hair section through the bling and slide it up the hair. If the hair section starts to bunch up towards the top you can either pull the offending hairs out and smooth them into the rest of the hair or stop sliding the bling at the point where the bunching started just as long as it's far enough up that the bling will stay on while you add more blings.
Separate the hairs into three sections for braiding. Make sure each section has a few blings in them. If the blings are all in one section they will be only on that section throughout the braid, so you want the blings separated between the three braiding sections.
Begin braiding and adjust the blings as you want during the braiding. Lowering and shifting them as you like. See the accompanying video it will show this adjusting much clearer than reading it.
When you've finished braiding the hair secure it with a hair band.

See the Video For More Help

See the video below for more clarity on putting the breads into the braid. It's really easy to do and looks so cute. Try placing differenct items like seashells in the braid for an exotic look. Have fun with it.

Adding Beads to a Braid


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