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Beautiful is the 'geek' of the past

Updated on September 17, 2015

I harp on the concept of beautiful women being mistreated in society today, namely because, I am that beautiful woman. People often look at me and think angrily "she can get ANYTHING she wants." "She has this POWER over me" "she seems so happy and put together." I HATE HER. What people don't understand is that, society as a whole has this mind set towards women who are pretty or beautiful, above average in looks or who stand out or have some power. You see a beautiful woman on the street, and probably think "she has guys chasing her I bet." The sad reality is that- though SHE may, this is not the common experience or life of many beautiful woman out there. Women who are 'beautiful' by standards, those who are extraordinary, who stand out and possess some superior beauty, talent, or presence, are not in fact, treated well, doted to catered to or being lavished by hundreds of men. The strange and awkward reality is that, that beautiful woman is probably facing a life of non-stop ridicule, mistreatment and actual persecution. HATED for the very quality she possesses that was not her doing or fault, a quality that should be deemed as a strength, a power, an asset, is used against this woman in an everyday society where hatred, seething envy, misery, and unhappiness, depression are present within many humans out there...

Billboards, magazines and TV flood the media and mainstream with images of so-called 'beautiful women.' The standards of beauty by which our society defines attractive women are plastered all around us. All over the internet, pornography, Magazines, and just about everywhere. Humans everywhere seem to worship and cater to these images and beings of women. People buy tickets, books, magazines, movies, watch tv shows of these mainstream media celebrities and gawk at and admire these beautiful people, their lives, careers and daily activities. Fans everywhere worship and praise these beautiful women and people even if they possess no real talents or qualities but are in the media's eye as being famous. So how is it that, a society that is forced to and even willingly worships beautiful celebrities, seems to have such an opposite reaction to those people in REAL life who possess these beautiful characteristics but are not a famous celebrity or raving superstar? The answer is in the definition of reality. These celebrities are a dream, a fantasy and an image. They also are on a status level far superior to these others so people feel comfortable praising devoting time to them and worshipping them. There is no threat to loving gisele bundchen as well as the fact that she isn't right in front of you or in your presence. She isn't a threat to you nor would the average person even care.

However, the pretty women who are in the presence of these people, who they face everyday, are not only a threat, they are a celebrity without the protection, the lavish the praise, and the status. They are simply 'beautiful women' who are ordinary citizens and people and now the society of people can finally lash their hatred out onto these women. They can display their envy and jealousy, and worse, do anything to bring these people down.there seems to be present a very apparent and consensual hatred and jaelousy of these very beautiful women out there who possess these superior characteristics by those people out there who do not possess them- by the so-called 'average person.' On top of the notion of abuse, there is the entitlement to abuse these women and feeling that a person has the right to mistreat these women or put them down or treat them how they want. Maybe I missed the handbook of how to abuse degrade or misrteat a pretty woman, but it seems to be out there somewhere, subconsciously being passed around to others, while some of us have been kept out of the loop.

Beautiful women seem to only be treated in specific ways and these ways are designed to keep them in a box and controlled in some form by their very identity, self, and rights. The beautiful woman is not treated as a human being, a person, or someone with equal rights. She is now in the minority compared to masses of 'non-beautiful' people out there who are in a silent war with these women. She is either subjected to mistreatment, abuse, belittlement, attempted to be used only for sex, silenced, ignored, mocked, insulted or put down by many people. She is either treated as only a trophy, or someone who possesses none of these characteristics and even her beauty is silenced or ignored. The masses of 'ugly' people out there as I call them, feel entitled to treating this woman in this way, and have no problem getting together to display their abuse and displeasure with these women. Most masses of people have no problem helping each other out in their bullying or abusive behavior or attitudes towards these women. Althought jealousy, hatred, and insecure is prevalent in these scenarios there is something even far deeper present, and that is the hatred for beauty, positivity, and an overall rejection of beauty and promotion of misogyny and hatred of anything these women possess.

You think, she can get any guy she wants. Well maybe she can, because she's a celebrity. However, the average beautiful woman existing in a society full of insecure and jealous people may not have such an easy time.
You think, she can get any guy she wants. Well maybe she can, because she's a celebrity. However, the average beautiful woman existing in a society full of insecure and jealous people may not have such an easy time.

Beautiful women don't always have it 'easy'

Everyone tends to think that if someone is beautiful, their life must be roses and daisies and they are getting extreme amounts of attention, men are throwing themselves at them, lusting after them, and they can get any guy they want. Wrong answer- this would be nice in a fairytale world where stereotypes and stigmatas tend to hold true for everyone. Sure, there are women who live that reality and scenario, and a lot of it can depend on location, circumstance, and the people that surround you, however, this reality doesn't hold true for many pretty or beautiful women out there.

As a beautiful woman, I have been subjected to extreme forms of mistreatment, abuse, literal persecution, mockery, hatred, anger, projection and far more concepts I can't even list here. Dating is very impossible as the dating pool of most males is riddled with shallow, arrogant and highly insecure people who loathe the very sight of a woman with beauty or power. Most men I meet, tend to have an instant hatred and venom for me immediately, projecting varying and vile forms of disgust, hate, complete and utter animosity towards me- moreso than most women. I've come to learn, by no doing of my own, men are my utter enemies. I am some form of extreme threat to their fragile ego, or they have been hurt by 'pretty women' in the past and are now frightened to deal with them, or they have chosen to just project this hatred onto me due to the experiences they had in the past with women who are known to be attractive. Most men who encounter me don't "do nice things for me, act in nice ways towards me, or in this case even treat me like a human being." Receiving varying forms of shocking backwards mean, hateful, abusive and bizarre reactions by males is more the norm by which many beautiful women have to deal with. You can generally judge the security level of a male by the way in which he reacts to me. The most secure males are generally kind and normal towards me, while the nutcases with 'baggage, mental issues, lack of egos/fragile egos, misogynistic issues, mommy issues, mental instability, and insecurity" will behave in the most disturbing and extreme ways leaving you speechless, angry and confused.

Overall, the beautiful woman is a good 'insecurity' radar to determine the the true nature and personality of a male. It's naturally built in to weed out the psychopaths who really have no way to fool, confuse and really play the 'beautiful woman." These males who have their pathetic 'games' will only be more scared and nervous when dealing with a very attractive woman, and her threatening presence will terrify them to such extremes that their inability to be able to control or manipulate her will drive them crazy within the first hour of meeting her, causing them to expose their very true selves and vulnerabilities, and they usually end up running off into the wind shocking, confused as if they had encountered a monster of some sorts. Not at all- they only encountered the beautiful woman, who their narcissistic and frail beings were no match for. The beautiful woman can easily be a good psychopath magnet and detector for these types, however, there are far more levels of 'psychopathic' type personalities out there which are successfully able to manipulate the beautiful women or all women and who are not frightened or threatened by her presence or power.

The power of a beautiful woman seems to be one of the major underlying factors in the hatred and anger displayed towards these women, as well as the status these men feel she holds above them and in general, which usually includes the idea that "many men want her," "other men will be judging him or his flaws compared to her," "she is the better looking of the two and holds the most power," "it is far more difficult for him to control her since she has so much power," "she is way out of his league and he is inferior to her." These and many other varying strange beliefs that many males out there hold and stereotypes with regards to 'beautiful women' are the reasons for which these males feel in competition with beautiful women, feel they are inferior to her, and feel contempt and hatred for her rather than admiring her beautiful and wonderful or sexy qualities which most normal men should admire and desire, but is difficult in today's day and age where insecurity and lack of confidence is a huge problem amongst many males.

These women may not have such an easy time grabbing men's attention, desires or wants, since they are beautiful women who exist in a society that aims to bring them down more often than be kind
These women may not have such an easy time grabbing men's attention, desires or wants, since they are beautiful women who exist in a society that aims to bring them down more often than be kind

How can you be SINGLE?

People often look at me and smirk- how on earth can YOU be single? You don't have guys hitting on you every minute of your life? Hmm- wouldn't I wish? If i was maybe 300lbs and had some life threatening sexually transmitted disease- i may have a chance- but as a beautiful woman- of course not. Being a beautiful woman is similar to being a leper of some sorts- or this is the manner in which one is treated. Let me further describe how a 'date' or encounter with a male generally goes- the male sees me in person and begins to shake and cower, and get nervous, He projects his nervousness onto me in some passive aggressive form by asking me if im nervous- trying to make me feel as if somethings wrong with me. I politely say no, however, are YOU nervous? To which he may reply yes, or no.

Most dialogues with dates generally begin with an awkward insult on their part towards my normal demeanor in some way because they are attempting to take the fear and intimidation factor they feel off them and project it onto me, and trying to break me down in some form so they feel more comfortable around me or feel they can control me in some way. The dialogues are rarely normal. If I ever object to any rude or ridiculous action they are doing towards me, I am quickly approach with a negative remark on their part and an argument generally ensues. This is all a power game. The minute a male enters my presence, a power game slowly begins generally turning into a very nasty situation in which the male has angrily attempted to abuse or put me down and my very kind or polite objection to it results in more aggression or anger towards me.

Men will not cater to or be doting towards a beautiful woman- yes to some, but to many not at all. Most men will try their hardest to be as alpha aggressive rude and cruel towards these women in order to display their dominance and power b/c a beautiful woman is a huge threat to these ego deficient males lack of power and fragile pathetic egos. Now this doesn't describe all males, but many out there today, who internally are warped and clearly dysfunctional and have many psychological and otherwise issues.

There is nothing you can say or do towards these males who hold this kind of hostility and animosity towards a woman because she is beautiful and her presence threatens his lack of ego and power. This male is subject only to hostility towards these very women and will not stop until they win. You can liken them to rapists or abusers who commit their actions with the sole intent of seeking power. They have no idea how to react to this threat and behave in a very primitive and lower aggressive manner towards these women. So the 'beautiful woman' you see on the streets, possessing this amazing sexuality, sensuality, seeming drawing all the attention of males out there who are too terrified to even speak to her, is only generating hatred animosity and anger from most males out there in society today with most interactions she has with males and in general. Men aren't kissing up to her, buying her things, or taking her places- most are too busy fighting to dominate her, make her suffer and bring her down. She is too busy fighting these psychopaths who seek to ruin or destroy her simply because she possesses these traits which you think the average male would be attracted to, yet in this society of very dysfunctional backwards males, is only the cause of further angst and hatred directed at her. The beautiful woman, is certainly very powerful- she holds much power over women and men both. However, the power she holds, is unfortunately envied, hated and used against her, by a insecure society full of inferior and insecure human beings, who rather than appreciate those who possess anything extraordinary, see these people as threats, and are willingly and ready to do anything to tear down abuse or ruin these people in a sad and pathetic display of social dominance.


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