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Secrets to Clear Skin Now

Updated on August 15, 2009

Clear Your Skin

When looking for clear skin, there's really no perfect answer or secret. What I can tell you, is there are a few things that you can do to help you protect your skin while achieving the beautiful, glowing skin that we are all looking for. The flawless look does not come overnight. What it does take is for you to to be consistent in keeping your face clean and taking the time to clean up your diet. This makes sure you are giving your body the vitamins and minerals that it needs to have healthy glowing skin. Here are a few hints and tips that will get you started in the right direction.

Tips That Will Give You A Clearer Complexion

1. The first thing you have to know is the type of skin you have and get yourself started on some good skincare products that are based upon your specific needs.

2. Watch for the types of food you eat. What goes into your mouth is as important as what goes on your skin. For starters, stay away from fast food and make healthier meals at home like fresh fruits, salad and soups. These types of foods are rich in antioxidant vitamins that will help you fight free-radicals caused from the sun and help to improve your skins elasticity.

3. Make sure when going in the sun, that you wear at least an SPF 15 or more to protect your skin. The sun is the #1 reason that we have premature skin like wrinkles and skin discolorations. Some things you want to look for in skincare products are botanical oils and alpha and beta hydroxy acids, these ingredients will help your skin to absorb impurities, which will give you a clearer complexion.

4. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water each day. Making sure you are well hydrated will help your body to rid itself of any bad toxins that accumulate in the organisms that are the cause of a bad diet.

5. Sleep is very important, and making sure you get the recommended eight hours each night will help you to avoid dull skin and under eye bags. When sleeping, try to prop your pillow higher than the rest of your body while sleeping on your back to avoid skin wrinkles caused during sleep.

6. Wash and cleanse your skin before going to bed. Leaving make-up on your face clogs the pores leaving dirt and oil trapped under the skin which in turn causes your skin to breakout.

7. The way to a healthy complexion is following a routine: cleanse, exfoliate once a week, and use a facial mask every week while making sure you moisturize every day. If you have aged skin then use an anti aging serum.

8. If you suffer from skin conditions like acne, eczema, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, enlarged pores or sunspots you may want to see a professional be sometimes skincare products are never enough.

9. Never, Never, Never try to attempt to squeeze any spots on your face. By doing this you are damaging your face by letting bacteria get in your skin from your fingers. Avoid this by washing your hand before ever touching your face.

10. Make sure to keep your make-up brushes cleaned once a week. Wash them in water and a mild soap and dry them with a towel while letting them completely dry before use.


Avoid using harsh cleansers instead, find something that is mild and less abrasive. Your best choices are milks, gels, foams, or cloths.Make sure you look at the ingredients of all labels to see if they are gentle enough for your skin.


Are known to dry out your skin. If you are using a PH-balanced cleanser then you have no need for it anyway. Some cleansers that contain glycolic or lactic acids are low in PH, so make sure the product that you are buying says PH-balanced.


Some skin-care products can cause an allergic reaction because of the fragrance that is used to mask odors of some of the ingredients. Be sure to choose one that is Fragrance-free, espeacally if you have sensitive skin.


When choosing a moisturizer it is beneficial for you to choose one that us considered multitasking. This type of moisturizer will be sure to take care of hydration and protection

Natural Remidies For Gorgeous Skin

Sometimes the best things for your skin is closer than you think, in your own kitchen.

  • Some Researchers have discovered that the cure for crow's-feet may be as simple as eating grilled tuna for dinner.
  • In some foods like soybeans, or mackerel there is a natural fat called Phosphatidylserine that can actually help fight wrinkles caused by the sun. This fat helps to stimulate the growth of new collagen that helps to keep your skin healthy and supple. The best way to get this fat to work on your skin is by a topical form. Unfortunately, it is not available yet, because researchers are still trying to figure out the amount that your body needs to be beneficial. The good news is that these foods still fight against heart disease and are packed with a lot of fiber and vitamin C.


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