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Beauty Secrets, Hiding Unwanted Hair

Updated on September 9, 2012
Lightened hair and eyebrows.
Lightened hair and eyebrows. | Source

The market is flooded with products that you can use to remove or hide unwanted hair. So a woman has lots of choices. The difficulty comes in when making the correct choice for herself and her lifestyle.

Hair removal is known as epilation or depilation, removing body hair and the methods used to do that in the cosmetic business.


Removes all the hair above the skin and below the skin. It is done through several ways.

  • waxing
  • sugaring
  • threading
  • creams
  • bleaching


  • lasers
  • electrology
  • tweezers


this usually takes place above the skin

  • shaving
  • trimming
  • some creams

Especially, depending on where the unwanted hair appears on her body.

Hair removal methods / tools

  • tweezers
  • razors
  • creams
  • wax
  • lasers, etc


Should be considered when one, first discusses treating unwanted dark hair on the face or chest area.

Even though they are offering bleaching for other areas of the body, that is usually expensive and time consuming.

But it is great for small areas like the face in which you do not wish for hair to grow back darker or thicker, so if you can't get laser, or something more permanent, bleaching is the best choice.

This is a part of my beauty ritual and one i am glad i passed onto my daughter. Dissuading her early in her puberty to stick with something in which hair removal will only cause aggravation and trauma because the hair returns quicker and thicker, because for a woman facial shaving should never be a choice.

And the mechanical method when one can afford the process - is great, but it is still not a guarantee, that the process will be the best or do what is promised. But it's good for a woman to have choices, if she can afford them or not.

Shaving shouldn't even be for her eyebrows if tweezing is available. Painful but that is a forgone conclusion for a woman who wants to be her most beautiful.

Bleaching is not permanent, but it is a better option when it comes to female facial hair. So when considering ways to handle unwanted facial hair use a bleaching process first.

Just consider it first and make it a part of your beauty ritual.


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