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Beauty secrets from your kitchen

Updated on August 2, 2012

We all desire for a beautiful skin and are ready to spend loads of money for it. Personal care products available in the market are very expensive. Most of us would not be able to afford these products. Take a look at the ingredients of these products and you would notice that the basic product is from your kitchen shelves. Kitchen is a place which not only satiates your palate but also has products to satiate your beauty needs. Here’s a look at the beauty products which are readily available in our kitchen and are useful for a beautiful glowing skin.

Salt and Sugar – These are the two very basic product and no kitchen is complete without them. Mixed together with a little honey or olive oil they make an excellent scrub for your hands and feet.

Olive Oil – The health benefits of olive oil are known to all and here’s the beauty benefit use olive oil to remove your make-up. It makes a great facial cleanser as it dissolves dirt on your skin naturally.

Coconut Oil - If you are worried about the stretch marks in pregnancy use coconut oil. Coconut is full of vitamin E and K and the benefits of using coconut oil are similar in fact greater than using mineral oils. Coconut oil can be used effectively as a moisturizer. The presence of anti-oxidants makes it an anti-wrinkle product too.

Cinnamon – it has many health benefits like lowering of cholesterol, sugar, etc. If your skin is oily and pimples are a common problem apply a paste of cinnamon and honey before retiring to bed and wash with warm water the next morning. It removes the pimples from its base. It can also be used for skin infections.

Oatmeal – prepare a mask with leftover oatmeal and onion it will help in clearing the clogged pores and will also heal the acne scars.

Yoghurt – it acts as an effective moisturizer. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property of yoghurt makes it an effective remedy for acne. The lactic acid present in yoghurt makes it effective anti-aging remedy. Add honey or olive oil to yoghurt to make it more effective.

There are many other products in your kitchen which can reduce your expenses on the beauty products. You can make your own facial masks and scrubs also from the readily available kitchen products easily. These products are natural and easy to apply so if you are looking for herbal and natural skin products stop looking at the market shelves and start looking in your kitchen cupboards. There is a remedy for every skin problem in your own home.


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