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Beech Sandals (Beech Yoga sandals)

Updated on August 21, 2015

Those who wear Beech Sandals call them comfortable, durable and even stylish. They are designed with all these aspects in mind and more. Accepted by podiatrists and Yoga enthusiasts alike, Beech Sandals are a product of the United Kingdom. They are slowly making inroads in the American market where they are usually called Yoga Sandals.

What Are Beech or Yoga Sandals?

Beech Sandals are a product from the United Kingdom. They are the brainchild of Dr. Gayle Trenberth, a professional of Mind and Body Trainer. They arose out of research into the characteristics and physical principles of grounding. The idea behind her research was to implement the basic principles of Yoga. This involves spreading out the toes to increase balance and grounding.

Helps re-align hamertoes

What Do Beech Sandals or Yoga Sandals Do?

Beech or Yoga Sandals provide pleasure for the toes, the foot and the entire body. They are to be worn after a day of walking, dancing or strutting in less comfortable or even healthy shoes. These sandals pamper your foot while exercising them. Straps separate the toes into individual spaces. This allows them to breathe, flex and align themselves. The shoes help to balance or align the foot and, therefore, the body.

Beech/Yoga Sandals also are a tool for enabling a pedicure. The spreading of the toes is the ideal position for receiving a pedicure. The footwear, therefore, combines the practical with healthy intent. They help you beautify your feet in many ways.

How Do Beech or Yoga Sandals Work?

The design for Beech Sandals is based on a simple principle. If you provide each toe with equal separation from its neighbor, you will ensure an improved body and mind. The division of the sandal into separate toe compartments open and free provides the foot, and therefore the body, with alignment, balance and, most importantly, grounding. It accomplishes this by exercising the diverse components of the foot. Some bones, muscles, tendons, joints and even nerves are underutilized in regular shoes. The Yoga Sandals gently encourage them to come alive again.

The specific slope of the foot combines with the separation or spreading of each toe into 4 sections. The material utilized for the sandal is durable. It is also skid-proof rubber. The rubber soles are topped with a softer substance. As a result, the foot relaxes securely in a non-abrasive environment.

Who Wears Beech or Yoga Sandals?

Prevention Magazine refers to Beech/Yoga Sandals as “The Better Flip-Flop.” They are but 1 of several individuals and organizations, including various celebrities, that support and sport the sandals. The list includes children and adults, males and females, professionals and working people. Summer Sanders, a former Olympic medalist, wears Yoga Sandals. So, too, do various TV and movie celebrities. Angus T. Jones (Two And A Half Men), Christopher Atkins (Blue Lagoon), The Clique Girlz and Romi Dames (Hannah Montana) have all worn Beech/Yoga Sandals.

The Beech Sandals Corporation also believes in giving back to and supporting the communities they live and work in. This company is one of the many corporations supporting the 2009 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in the United States. Contributions from the sales of Beech/Yoga Sandals during Breast Cancer Awareness Month are going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Typology of Beech Sandals (Yoga Sandals)

The design of Beech/Yoga Sandals is striking. The ability to add charms and alter certain aspects of the sandal creates a limited versatility. The colors are soothing and the patterns are eye-catching. Stripes and solids comprise the line.  The sizes vary. These are sandals for women, men and children.

There are several 3 distinct models of Beech/Yoga Sandals. The list below provides the types currently available.

Original Beech Yoga Sandals

This is the original Beech/Yoga Sandals. It is constructed to support the heel properly. The design spreads the toes. The Original Yoga Sandals and Original 2s set the standard for successive Beech/Yoga Sandals. These shoes come in black, blue, orange, pink, red, Samoa and white.

Specific types of Original Yoga Sandals include Fusion, a slide sandal featuring a slimmer sole and line. The Evolution Sandal elegantly displays rhinestone highlights. The spreaders can be interchanged. You may also remove the straps to customize the sandals to your feet.

Beech Yoga Sandals

The design of the Yoga Sandals duplicates that of the original Yoga Sandals. These multi-purpose sandals provide comfort while exercising your foot. Like the Original, the Yoga Sandals are great for getting a pedicure.

Beech Comfy Sandals

Comfy Sandals by Beech/Yoga Sandals are new to the line of the Beech Sandals Company. These sandals are made for cuddling and cosseting your feet. Comfys are the indoor sandal, the equivalent of a flip-flop slipper. They feature the same slope and toe separation of all the Beech/Yoga Sandals. They come in different colors and patterns. These include black, Caribbean Blue, Leopard Print, Pink Passion, Snow Leopard Print, Spa White and Zebra Print.

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