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Beginner's Guide To Getting A Tattoo

Updated on August 3, 2013

Tattoo Gallery , Slide Show Of Tattoo Photos. Click Each Photo For Full Size Tattoo Photo. We Hope You Enjoy This Tattoo Photo Gallery.

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David Beckham Back Tattoo'sLower Back Tattoo's Can Be PainfulAngelina Jolie Tattoo's
David Beckham Back Tattoo's
David Beckham Back Tattoo's
Lower Back Tattoo's Can Be Painful
Lower Back Tattoo's Can Be Painful
Angelina Jolie Tattoo's
Angelina Jolie Tattoo's

Getting a Tattoo

Tattoo Parlor

Beginner's Guide to Getting a Tattoo

Your main concerns when you start thinking about getting a tattoo should be picking out a tattoo you really like and the location of the tattoo on your body because it is going to be with you for a long time to come. Make absolutely certain of your decision before you have the tattoo artist put it on your body.

If you choose to have a custom tattoo done it will probably be more expensive and time consuming for both you and the tattoo artist. If you are having a custom tattoo done you are going to want the tattoo artist to pay close attention to detail. You want to have a tattoo you can be proud of when the tattoo artist is done. Simple tattoo's and designs you may pick out of a book at the tattoo parlor are generally less expensive and take the tattoo artist less time to apply them.

The location is very important. Do you want your tattoo in a place where it will be seen by everyone or do you want it in a more private place where it will only be viewed by a few people you know. Places with thinner skin will hurt more when the tattoo is applied.

And you should always think safety.You should check out all the health risks before you make the decision to get a tattoo.Be absolutely sure that you check out your tattoo parlor and the tattoo artist completely. Ask questions and if your having a large tattoo done ask for references. And call and talk to the references. Be sure the tattoo parlor and the tattoo artist has good hygiene practices. Non sterile tattoo artist practices could lead to you getting Hepatitis B or C. You should also know that some people do have allergic reactions to the ink. If you have any doubts at all consult with your doctor first before you have anything done.

One very important thing to remember is make sure all needles to be used on you are opened in front of you. If the tattoo artist won't agree to this don't get a tattoo there.

Tattoo Ideals , Here Is A Slideshow Of Tattoo Photos To Give You An ideal For Your Tattoo.

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Heart Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Designs - Tattoo Girls - Tattoo Art

Sexy Girls With Tattoos

Tattoo Ideals

You can use Tattoo Photos like those in the Tattoo Photo Slide Shows on this page to pick out your ideal tattoo. You should also find that your tattoo parlor and probally your tattoo artist will have a book or books for you to look thru and pick out the tattoo you want. And like I said above before you have a tattoo put on you pernamently be sure it is something you will be happy with for many years to come because it will be a part of you from now on.

Choosing The Right Tattoo Parlor

The Tattoo Parlor you choose for your tattoo should be well lighted and squeaky clean. You don't want to catch a disease from a dirty needle. Always insist on new needles and insist that the new needles be opened in front of you. Pay attention to what is going on in the tattoo parlor. Are they doing everything they can to insure your saftey and theirs. If not go find another tattoo parlor. Ask for references. If they won't give you references move on.

Tribal Tattoo's

Tribal tattoo's on the lower backs of females in the United States have become very popular. People are also now doing what is called tribal art tattoo's on other parts of their body. And though tribal tattoo's were mostly done only on women at first the tribal tattoo art is now being done on men and women and on various parts of their bodies. The lower back tribal tattoo in females became so popular because of how sexy some people consider them. On a lot of women they appear to peek out from under the back of her shirt and the woman can easily wear a shirt to completely cover up the tattoo should she ever feel the need.

We hope you enjoy the tattoo videos in this section. Some of them have some very interesting tattoo's and tattoo designs.  

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    • tattoodesigns69 profile image

      tattoodesigns69 7 years ago from Illinois

      Outstanding Hub on "tattoos"! I genuinely liked the particulars. Continue to keep them coming!

    • profile image

      vvanault14 7 years ago

      very good advice here. i'm thinking of getting at least two, and one i know what it will be for sure

    • kappa022 profile image

      kappa022 8 years ago from Florida

      Excellent tattoo tips, a lot of people don't have all the necessary info when they go to get one.