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Benefit Lip Gloss

Updated on August 10, 2009

I usually do not wear a lot of cosmetics or make up, but Benefit Cosmetics has a new line of lip gloss that I like a great deal.  The Benefit lip gloss line is a replacement for the previous lines called Benefit Her Glossiness lip gloss and Benefit The Gloss lip gloss.  There are eight new shades of Benefit lip glosses and all of them are spectacular!  The new Benefit lip gloss set features a stickier texture that is supposed to facilitate longer wearing.  In addition the Benefit lip glass line has a shimmery finish.  The finish makes it seem as though your lips are sparkling.

Another feature that is new in the Benefit lip makeup products is the applicator. The Benefit lip gloss applicator has a paddle shaped sponge at the tip that is oversized. The wand leading up to that tip is flexible so that it gives under pressure and makes the application of your lip gloss more comfortable. The lip gloss applicator is very important because you want to be able to get even coverage over your entire lip with one pass. The Benefit lip gloss applicator is excellent.

Benefit lip gloss life on the a list also known as bubblegum pink, Benefit lip gloss who are you wearing also known as passion fruit pink, and Benefit lip gloss kiss you also known as clear fuchsia are popular shades from the previous Benefit lip gloss products. These shades are included in the new lip gloss line. My favorite new shade of lip gloss is the Benefit lip gloss almost famous or copper penny. This is a shimmery copper with a hint of pearl and gold. The shades all have clever names that implicate a more descriptive color. For example, Benefit lip gloss fresh squeezed can also be called pink grapefruit. Perhaps two of the most imaginative names are Benefit lip gloss friends in high places or sparkling raspberry and Benefit lip gloss i’m with the band or golden pink shimmer. If you are looking for a classic golden nude then Benefit lip gloss zone out is the lip gloss for you.

Another product from Benefit Cosmetics that I like is called California kissin’. This product is not really a lip gloss but it is a lip product that has sheen to it so it is often called Benefit kissin’ lip gloss. The California kissin’ is a minty and slightly blue lip shine that makes your teeth look whiter and freshens your breath. It is a great product and should always be kept handy if you are like me and are not always wearing makeup but want to freshen up for someone quickly.

The Benefit products can be purchased on the Benefit web site or in Benefit boutiques. You can also find counters with the Benefit products in many department stores like Macy’s or Bloomingdales’. While, they are not what you would call cheap lip gloss products, they are not outrageous either. You can purchase any of the lip glosses discussed above for $18. Good luck finding the perfect shade for you.


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