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Benefits of a Deodorant Foot Mask: And a Recipe

Updated on March 26, 2013
powdered green clay
powdered green clay

Benefits of a Deodorant Foot Mask and a Recipe

I know many wonderful, elegant, stylish, intelligent women - and sometimes their feet stink.

Two friends came over early one evening and they told me they had a little problem. Together they announced "Our feet stink!" as they pulled off smelly shoes and nylon socks. Their feet did stink so they sat far away from me.

Another friend who visits often just grabs a couple paper towels and goes into the bathroom for about 10 minutes where she knows I have baking soda. Lots of water splashing and so on, then she comes out and puts her shoes down. Feet washed and shoes doused - both with baking soda.

For those that don't announce smelly feet, my cat gives them away. She'll spend the whole visit sniffing their shoes or sneakers. At which time my guests will admit to smelly shoes and possibly feet.

I know they don't have a foot fungus. Smelly feet in this case are most likely the result of synthetic shoes and/or socks that don't allow air to circulate. I suggested a lovely pampering foot mask that eliminates odor and just makes you feel good. 

Additional benefits are listed after the recipe. And a tip from a wise elder.

Deodorant Foot Mask

1/2 cup powdered green clay (see photo)

1/2 cup distilled water

- Mix together making a thick paste.

- Liberally coat your feet and allow the mask to dry

- Rinse thoroughly with warm soapy water - then dry

I then massage in pure Shea butter. See the link below for information about Shea butter.


Green clay helps pull impurities out of your system and because it's a mineral, it puts minerals directly back into your skin. It also works as an exfoliate. Green clay acts as a heat conductor which soothes and helps muscles relax - a benefit for tired and achy feet. While there are several different colors of clay available, use only green clay because it is rich in silica and magnesium making it very absorbent and good as a foot deodorant.

Why so many smelly feet?

Many shoes are made of synthetic fabrics that don't breathe. Then if you wear something like those nylon trouser socks - well they don't breathe either. In warm weather you can expect sweaty, smelly feet and shoes.

A way to avoid foot odor with synthetics

An elder cousin offered a suggestion - something she always does. She buys shoes a half or whole size larger and to keep them from flopping on her feet she adds insoles which not only help the shoes fit better but they absorb moisture. The extra bit of space in the shoes also allows air to circulate. I have a favorite pair of shoes that are 1/2 size larger. They were a bit floppy initially, but I learned how to walk in them and didn't need the insoles.

For more pampering hubs, see the links below:


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