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Benefits of using Professional Hair Shears

Updated on June 29, 2013

Professional Hair Shears are as important to a stylist as is oxygen to all living beings. No hairstylist can ever think of styling hair without his favorite hair shears.

Mostly, all stylists carry their professional hair shears in their carry case. These include various types of haircutting scissors like Kasho Scissors, Thinning Shears, Yoko Scissors, etc.

There are various types of hairstyling tools available in the market. However, it is very important to use tools that are made from good quality. After all, the best quality hair scissors will always give the best haircut!

Stylists or barbers use high quality hair cutting scissors. The benefits of using these professional hair shears are many, like:

  • Increased durability which gives your shears an edge that stay sharper and longer.
  • They give you more years of life than the regular haircutting scissors and saves sharpening expenses.
  • Professional hair shears give you dynamic range of motion and more control over the barbering scissor.
  • The razor sharp blades being made from good quality of steel provide a fast and smooth haircut, like butter feel!
  • These hair shears offer superior comfort as they are ergonomically correct.

Each of the professional hair shears serve a specific purpose. While Kasho scissors and Yoko scissors are used only for cutting hair, others like Thinning shears are used to remove bulk from the hair.

ScissorBoy Swivel Scissor - Rainbow
ScissorBoy Swivel Scissor - Rainbow

The length of these haircutting scissors varies for each stylist. Some stylists prefer to use long blades that are upto 7 inches in size. Others prefer to use shorter ones that are about 5 inches in size.

The length of shears is a matter of comfort for a stylist and does not affect the haircut. However, it is important that stylists are using good quality professional hair shears to achieve the best results.

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