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Types of Haircutting Scissors

Updated on June 29, 2013

Haircutting scissors are an important tool for every stylist. A great style cannot be achieved without the help of professional hair shears.

Haircutting scissors are specifically designed for stylists and barbers to cut hair. These hair shears are the primary tool for every barber/stylist and are used to create excellent hairstyles. All stylists make use of hairdressing scissors while working with their clients.

Whether you visit a salon or prefer to cut your hair at home, it is important to use professional hair shears. There are several types of haircutting scissors, as explained in detail below.

Toshiba Scissors

Toshiba Slim Detailing Shear
Toshiba Slim Detailing Shear

Toshiba Scissors are handcrafted professional hairdressing scissors and are the crowning achievement of Japanese scissor-smiths. Toshiba scissors have a bent thumb ring to make them more ergonomic, so that your thumb goes in at a more natural angle. This way, you’re not tweaking your thumb when holding your scissors.

Kasho Scissors

Kasho Scissors
Kasho Scissors

Kasho Scissors are special hand crafted hairstylist scissors which are known for its quality and durability. In the early years, these scissors were made by skilled craftsman from Japan who would work hard to give them a sharp finish and form.

Kasho scissors are known as the “ultimate edge for professionals.” Today many professional hairstylists use these hair shears because no other haircutting scissors can come close to them, in terms of the cutting edge technology.

Thinning Shears

14 Tooth Thinning Shear
14 Tooth Thinning Shear

Thinning Shears are popular amongst many hairstylists because of its unique features. These shears appear like traditional hairdressing scissors but they are different in their functionality. Thinning shears are also know as Texturizing Shears or Chunking Shears.

Thinners are mostly used to remove “bulk” from the hair without altering the hairstyle. This is the sole reason why Thinning Shears have “teeth” as opposed to “blades” and remove less hair with a single snip.

Yoko Scissors

ScissorBoy Ultra LEFTY - Pink
ScissorBoy Ultra LEFTY - Pink

Yoko Scissors are manufactured from premium Japanese Hitachi steel. They allow smooth cutting with a very slim blade and specially designed thumb rings.  This unique feature of Yoko shears offers perfect balance and control from the smallest model to the longest.

Yoko Scissor has been the favorite hair shear for many stylists with small hands. It is the most favored hairdressing scissor among stylists, often more than any other scissor.

Each of these haircutting scissors are used for a specific purpose. So if you are a stylist, you should choose your shears depending upon your requirement and get a smooth and sleek haircut for your client.


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      Estelle Waters 20 months ago

      Best I have ever used is the Saki ;)

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    • profile image

      Karen 2 years ago

      I love Saki.

    • profile image

      Adele 3 years ago

      Saki makes the best in my opinion

    • profile image

      cayla 4 years ago

      lots of different kinds

    • profile image

      Lecie 7 years ago

      that's a lot of scissors. :) welcome to hubpages.