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Best 10k gold engagement rings under $500

Updated on March 18, 2011

10k White Gold Engagement Ring

Best 10k Engagement Rings Under $500

If you are looking to buy a 10k engagement ring under $500 you will find a collection of the best here. 10k gold engagement rings come in both white and yellow gold to suit individual tastes.

Getting engaged is the happiest time in a couple's life and they like to celebrate by buying the woman a beautiful engagement ring. Unfortunately engagement rings can be expensive and the more money you spend on an engagement ring the less you have available for your wedding day. Luckily there are many quality stunning 10k white and yellow gold engagement rings under $500 on the market to make it easier for you to afford a beautiful engagement ring.

So here are the best 10k engagement rings under $500

My favorite 10k yellow gold engagement ring under $500

Best 10k gold engagement rings under $500

When choosing a 10k gold engagement ring you need to consider several factors:-

  1. Price- setting your budget at under $500 means you know how much money you have available for your 10k gold engagement ring and ensures that you can concentrate on the rings available under $500
  2. Type of gold- you then need to consider whether you prefer yellow gold or white gold. Some people prefer traditional yellow gold while others like white gold. The price of 10k white and yellow gold is very similar.
  3. The size of the diamond- obviously budgeting yourself to under $500 means that the size of the diamond is restricted. However many jewelry retailers do frequent sales meaning you can get bigger diamonds for less
  4. The shape of the diamond-  there are many different shapes of diamonds from round to square to rectangular etc. There are also rings with one large diamond or several smallers diamonds and sometimes gemstones. Here again think of the girl that will be wearing the ring does she prefer one larger diamond or a series of smaller diamonds.

These are just a few decisions you will have to make when you buy a 10k gold engagement ring under $500.

Beside are my two favorite 10k gold engagement rings, a yellow gold and a white gold ring.

Best 10k Gold engagement rings

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