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Best Pubic Hair Removal Options For Men

Updated on July 10, 2012

It's kind of amazing, really, how many men are now grooming the family jewels. And it's not just the metrosexuals doing it, either -- it's gorgeous manly men, as well. Surprised? Today, men everywhere are mowing the man-lawn. This article is geared toward them, because women already know the ins and outs of pubic hair removal. Men, on the other hand, probably don't know more than whatever their cubicle neighbor mumbled at the water-cooler. So let me help you out a bit.

The Seiko Cleancut Personal Shaver

While you wouldn't want to use an ordinary electric shaver on the family jewels, Seiko has created a personal electric shaver specifically designed to shave the pubic area. It's not meant to be used in the shower, and you will need to trim the hair to 5 o' clock shadow length first, but from what I've been able to deduce, this is worth every penny. It can be used on the most sensitive bits, is said to be totally nick-free, and the shaver itself is rechargeable. Note that it can be used on both men and women.

The Seiko Shavy Personal Trimmer

If you're not into the Kojak look, and if you're not particularly keen on having a pair of scissors near the boys, you might want to consider this Seiko personal trimmer. Battery operated, it can be used to trim the hair down without nicking, but it does trim close to the skin, so be warned that it might leave you feeling a bit prickly to your partner. This trimmer appears to be most often used in conjunction with the shaver, resulting in a smooth, hairless area.

Traditional Shaving

This is the way many women maintain their bikini line, myself included. If you take your time and be careful, it's perfectly safe, and the results are silky and smooth. Men seem to get a bit nervous when the idea of putting their Mach 3 anywhere near their testicles, so you may not be too keen on this one. If you are, make sure you use a fresh blade to prevent having to go over and over again. And for God's sake, be careful!

Things to Avoid:

  • Bikini Waxing for Men: Yep, some poor sods actually pay a woman to rip the hair from their bits. I can't recommend this procedure, as I'm too chickenshite to even try it myself. If you're really into pain, there are cheaper, ways of having it inflicted upon you.

  • Depilatories: All of the products I've seen which are marketed toward male body hair removal, specifically say not to use them anywhere near the family jewels. I'd say go with that advice. Besides, that crap smells like rotten eggs, and it can burn if not used properly.

  • Laser & Electrolysis: Seriously? It's not that important.


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