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Best Spring Accessories!

Updated on July 22, 2015

What is the big deal????

Accessories are so essential and so pretty. They can make any outfit more feminine and make it seem that really went the extra mile and make it seem that you spent so much more time! They are a really simple and easy way to spice up an outfit. It can be only a few bucks or over $100! There are so many different kinds of accessories to choose from, whether it be sunglasses, earrings, bags, necklaces, bracelets, rings, or watches. They all add the little something extra to your outfit. So what do you have to have and what can you live without?

Statement Necklaces

This necklace is something that really comes in handy. We all have a dress that is not ornated or fancy with design. How do we dress it up though? There are plenty of ways to do this and one of them to wear a statement necklace. Whether it is colored or not they always look good; however, the best necklaces are colors. They are used to create a pop of color to any boring outfit, hence the name STATE-ment necklaces. Try to find the best one for your body and outfit. Usually statement necklaces go well together only with the opposite of a "little black dress" that you wear at a club. I personally like to wear them when wearing a more appropriate dress, appropriate for school/ work. Yet, it must also go well with your body type. A person who is round, try to find one with more definition, one that is more "square." If you are square try to find one that is round, obviously not that hard to find. Basically try to go the opposite of your body shape, if that makes sense. If all else fails, rock whatever shape!

Printed fashion scarfs

This is honestly one of my obsessions, I love these scarfs. I love the patterns, the fun colors, and the way they can go with so many things. Not only can you wear them with a shirt but they look great with dress too! In fact, one of my favorite outfits is this white dress with a light wash jean jacket and this floral scarf. I love getting different scarfs because not only are they good for spring but they are also good for fall. They look so casual, yet if you pair it with the right things, they look elegant. I love the infinity scarfs because they are just so fun and they never look bad! Sometimes the regular scarfs might show the tag, which I hate, or they might get blown off one shoulder or messed up by the wind. But the infinity scarfs are so safe and beautiful. But what if you don't have an infinity scarf or have a scarf and you want to turn it into a infinity scarf? If the scarf has fringe at the ends, just simply tie he fringe together. I liked to tie them 1 by 1 with the other side. It does take more time, but guarantees that it will never come apart. Is it not worth it to spend a few extra minutes to not risk it coming apart? If the scarf does not have fringe, just cut the ends and make fringe! When you make each fringe knot them together before tying the two ends of the scarf together. This is to prevent fray, nobody would want your scarf to unravel. Have fun getting new and exciting scarfs!

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Brightly colored Pouches

Just like a statement necklace, brightly colored pouches are used to add a pop of color to any boring outfit. A pouch is so useful, it is small yet it will fit all the essential. All I carry in mine is my cellphone, an ID, my keys, some money, and Chap Stick! I especially love brightly colored ones to really make your outfit like summer. Who wants some boring dull outfit amongst spring colors? I know I don't! I really do love purple little bags, they are just so fun! No matter what they look like, they are always helpful. There are so many to choose from, I just want them all! The one I love to use the most is a purple crossbody. I love it so much! Another favorite is Aqua and it is a clutch. They always add some youth and "creativity" to any outfit. They turn any drag old outfit to a whole new level.

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    • hubsy profile image

      hubsy 21 months ago

      Thanks Kristen!

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great hub, Hubsy. I love those selected spring accessories to be the best of the bunch.