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Summer Styles You Have To Have

Updated on July 22, 2015

Summer Months!

It is finally time to move on from the spring styles and bust out our favorite clothes of the year! That's right, I'm talking tanks, flip flops, shorts, and bathing suits. It's summer time! Finally time to bid farewell to those thick sweaters that we wore all winter long and those fuzzy coats that held us down. Summer cleaning has come and gone, but has left many clueless as to what to have in there wardrobe. Luckily new trends are bound to catch your eye for June, July, and August. Whether it be fashion styles hitting the runway, here are great tips and styles.

Skater Dresses

This summer many people have said that they want to purchase more dresses. What dresses should you buy? Where should you buy them? Magazines such as Vogue and Elle explain the best dress to buy this summer is the skater dress. Not only are skater dresses very comfortable and pretty, they are also a simple, basic dress. Therefore, it would be okay to wear something with it that will give it a little more of a statement. For example, you could curl your hair, or wear dressy shoes. Big statement necklaces are a big hit. Colors that pop are great, especially for these summer months.

A simple black Skater Dress!

Pearl Earrings!

Something that many people already have are pearl earrings. They are simple and elegant, yet, depending on what you're wearing, can be very casual. They come in all different sizes; however, the medium ones are most popular. They look great if you need something quick every day. Yet, if the time comes, they also look great for going out. Vogue magazine says: “New pearl earrings really help you take that everyday outfit to the next level!” It is quite astonishing what this could do for an outfit isn't it. If you are really going to a fancy occasion bust out that pearl necklace! That is right do not be afraid to match those puppies up!

White Nail Polish!

This summer the most “in trend” nail polishes are “Chanel, OPI, and Revlon top speed. “The OPI brand is expensive, but worth it. My personal favorite is Revlon Top Speed, this is obviously great for all of those impatient people. To find out which nail polish brands are the best and for further detail, click here. The colors for this summer include white, metallics, and, of course, pastels such as mint green, blue, pink, and lilac. America is loving the pastel pink color for clothing and nail polish. Teen Vogue states, “The elegant outcome is as perfect for summertime parties as it is for a hot day of classes, making it one of the most versatile manicures of the season.” Nonetheless, Metallics and whites are still beautiful. Teen Vogue states, “It is a metallic manicure so cool you'll want to wear it all season long.”

Floral Print!

There is nothing more fun during the warmer months than floral prints. It can be dressed up or dressed down and is perfect to accessorize with. You can rough up the look with a cool leather jacket, or keep it neat with a braid and flats. Floral always looks effortless and can be worn on anything from skirts to shoes. I absolutely love it. A style that I am definitely loving contains a floral dress. I love wearing denim jackets with floral dresses. Another thing I always do is wearing a floral skirt and a white tank tucked in. This too can be worn with a cute light wash denim jacket. If floral is not your thing there are plenty of other patterns for the summer to choose from, for instance, tribal print or plaid.

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Skater Dresses
White Nail Polish
Revlon Top Speed
White Nail Polish
White Nail Polish
Pearl Earrings
Forever 21
Pearl Earrings
Forever 21
From ~$15-$25

Tribal Print and Plaid

Despite the fact that 2013 was basically "the summer of tribal print" it seems to have been recently updated in more muted colors and on a smaller scale for the New Year. Similarly, plaid, a trend that took hold of almost everyone this winter with the addictive property of flannel, is making its way into summer style. Lighter shirts or plaid still possess that "city cool" effect, but won’t keep you to stiffing hot. If you are looking for actual pieces instead of patterns, these are a few good staples to have for the summer.

Plaid and Tribal Print


Another good wardrobe essential is the romper, basically an outfit in one and a personal favorite. If you are looking for a dressy outfit without all the hassles of a skirt, a romper is perfect. However, it is hard to find the perfect one. I can never find the one that fits the best. But when you finally do find a good romper that really fits well, it is great! Admittedly this trend was met with a little skepticism at first, but if Beyoncé is unafraid to rock a black and white one at the Grammys, I think it is safe to say that rompers are happily here to stay!


One thing you don't have to do this summer is break the bank buying new clothes. Plenty of trends you loved from the last year are still very much alive. Maxi skirts are still slimming, comfortable, and effortlessly cool. High-waisted shorts are always good to have, as well as a denim jacket. Sheer fabric will help you endure the crazy hot summer days. At the end of the day what matters most is staying cool and feeling good. Experiment with a new trend or rock what you know, anything goes with a stress-free summer mentality!

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    • hubsy profile image

      hubsy 2 years ago

      Thanks Dianna, glad you liked it!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 2 years ago

      That little black skater dress is adorable. Great tips for making summer so classy.

    • hubsy profile image

      hubsy 2 years ago

      Thanks for commenting Suzanne!

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 2 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      Cute styles that are simple to create and effective. Love it!!!

    • hubsy profile image

      hubsy 2 years ago

      Thanks for commenting Carolyn! I actually love fall more too, I am going to make a fall clothing essentials hub soon too, so look out for that!

    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 2 years ago from South Dakota, USA

      I have never been a fan of summer clothes - sorry. I've always been a "Fall" person. However, you did give me a few new ideas. I especially like the tribal print idea. Thanks!