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Buy A Betty Boop Wrist Watch Online Today

Updated on January 18, 2010
Betty Boop wrist watch with crystals
Betty Boop wrist watch with crystals

A Betty Boop watch would be a wonderful gift for women. This is because this young lady has a definitive style of her own and the range of watches that are currently available mean that you can opt for the standard black wrist watch or you could throw caution to the wind and purchase a stunning diamond encrusted one. Here are just a couple of great Betty Boop watches that you can buy online today.

Betty Boop Watch With Genuine Crystals

Something that is beautiful to look at as well as being useful is a good quality watch and this particular one is no exception. This Betty Boop wrist watch is absolutely gorgeous due to the intricate detailing that has been used to create this piece of jewelry.

The image of Betty sits on the watch face and she is holding a huge bunch of red roses. The casing for the watch is made from stainless steel and the time piece itself consists of precise quartz movement, which is the best internal mechanism for functioning watches that you can buy.

The face is shaped into a heart and the edges are decorated with genuine mineral crystals while the wrist band is made from real leather.  The Betty logo is printed along the side of the leather band and there is an image of her big red lips as well. 

This all comes in a sturdy plastic presentation box that adds extra glamour to this product. This Betty Boop wrist watch shows style all the way.

Betty Boop watch & bracelet set
Betty Boop watch & bracelet set

Betty Boop Women's Watch and Bracelet Gift Set

This is another example of a perfect gift for women who are totally in love with Betty Boop.  You get two pieces of jewelry for the price of one and it all comes in an elegant heart shaped presentation gift box.

The wrist watch features our Betty on the front wearing her signature bright red dress and standing in that well known pose, showing a little bit of leg and thigh. The wristband is made from a highly polished stainless steel metal and it is constructed with an interlinking chain style.

The bracelet is also made from metal but the small interlinking chain consists of little hoops and other little hoops that have been made into the style of a set of pouting lips reminiscent of the lovely lady herself.  They are in bright red which nicely contrasts with the rest of the bracelet.

The centre of this piece of jewelry has the image of Betty Boop’s head and this sits nicely on the wrist.

If you are looking for a great gift idea this could be the ideal present for a woman or any age. 


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