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Buying The Best Fedora Hat For Women Online

Updated on January 17, 2010
Black cotton fedora hat for women
Black cotton fedora hat for women

If you are looking for an extremely stylish hat to wear as a fashion accessory or to enhance the look of a whole ensemble, buying a fedora hat for women could be the perfect solution. Fedoras come in many different types of fabric.

You can choose a cotton fedora, a straw fedora hat or a classic felt fedora hat. Whatever you desire, you will find a great range on offer from the online store at Amazon.

Here are just a few examples of the sort of fedora hats for women you can buy.

Black Cotton Fedora Hat

This is a stylish and very classic looking fedora hat for women to wear. It features the classic diamond crown with a pinch front which is very characteristic of all fedora hats.

This one is made from a lightweight cotton fabric and it is also crushable which means that you can fold it up and pack it into your luggage without any worry. When you remove it from your baggage it will spring back to its original shape and form.

The brim of this hat measures 1 inch in width and it has been made to be flexible so that you can choose to wear it with the brim down or you can snap it up at the front for an alternative look.

Purple fedora hat for women
Purple fedora hat for women

Purple Fedora Hat For Women

If you are looking to add a little bit of colour and flair to your outfit, you should consider purchasing this beautiful purple fedora hat.

It is a nice and light colour that is sure to suit anything that you are wearing, whatever the style of dress.

You could think about coordinating this hat with a crisp creamy coloured coat for the winter time or you could contrast it with a sharp two piece suit.

The brim of the hat is detailed with several strips of embroidery that travel the whole distance around the edging of the hat.

You can either choose to wear the brim folded up and back or wear it folded down to cast a sexy shadow over you visage.

Black fedora hat for women
Black fedora hat for women

Black Rose Embossed Fedora Hat

This is another great example of a fashionable fedora hat.  It is made from polyester and has a circumference of 22.5 inches.  This should be a good size for this hat to fit neatly on the heads of the majority of people.

This hat has a satin look finish and feel with a decorative pattern around it. The pattern actually consists of embossed roses that populate the complete fedora.  It is finished off with a solid black satin ribbon edging.

The actual brim of the hat is 1.25 inches wide and can be worn with the brim snapped back or left forward to cover the forehead area.

This particular style of hat comes in a range of colours so you are sure to find one that will compliment your outfit. Apart from the classic black hat, the colours that are available include red, purple and white.


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