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Bio-Oil Does it Really Work?

Updated on June 10, 2010

Is Bio-Oil the Complete Skincare Product?

You may of heard quite a lot about Bio-Oil on the internet and TV. Some people claim it is a miracle oil, and others haven't had the results they expected. Bio-Oil is a specialist product, containing a breakthrough ingredient called PurCellin Oil. It can be used for a range of skin conditions, such as scars, stretch marks, uneven skintone, dehydrated skin and aging skin.

After reading many reviews about the product, I have gathered an overall picture of the many uses for Bio-Oil, and whether it does what it says on the box!

How Bio-Oil Was Formulated

A German cosmetic scientist called Dieter Beier, discovered PurCellin Oil after studying the preen gland oil of ducks. A manufactured version of the oil was made, this reduced the thickness of the oil, making it easily absorbed into the skin.

It contains quite a long list of ingredients, including Vitamin A and Vitamin E. It has the oils of Lavendar, Calendula, Rosemary and Chamomile.

The other controversial ingredient is Paraffinum Liquidum, better known as Mineral Oil. Many dermatologists don't recommend using this, as it is a skin irritant, and can make eczema and acne worse. But many reviews have found this not to be the case.

Photo credit on the right Mike Brand

Treatment of Scars

Bio-Oil does seem to have a positive effect on scars, by reducing the size and the redness of them. It is better to treat the scar while it is new, but it's still suitable for older scars. Don't use it on open wounds.

Rub 1-2 drops in a circular motion, twice a day. It may take up to 3 months to see results. The scar won't completely disappear, but will be much less noticeable.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

Bio-Oil can be safely used in pregnancy, for stretch marks that appear on the stomach, breasts and thighs. It will help to prevent stretch marks from forming during pregnancy, and reduce the size and colour of existing stretch marks. It is also suitable for stretch marks that appear on the skin as we age.

Reviews of the product showed that some people found an improvement in their stretch marks, and others had no noticeable change. The oil should be applied twice a day for the best results.

Photo credit below Canwest News.

Using Bio-Oil as a Face Cream

The majority of people that have tried Bio-Oil have been pleased with the results. The most noticeable effect is how smooth and supple it makes the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened, and the skin has a more even tone. It also helps to reduce spots, blemishes and large pores.

Massage 3-4 drops over your face and neck - you may find it beneficial to apply the oil before going to bed. It should be applied before your regular moisturiser, as face cream can leave a residue which blocks the absorption of the oil. You may find that you don't even need to use another moisturiser.

Pros of Using Bio-Oil

  • Makes your skin smooth and supple.
  • Does help to reduce the size and redness of scars.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are softened.
  • Highly effective on very dehydrated skin.


Cons of Using Bio-Oil

  •  It can take a while for the oil to absorb into the skin.
  • Some people have no noticible improvement in stretch marks.
  • Contains Mineral Oil.

My Conclusion

  • I think overall, Bio-Oil is good at reducing scars, for many people... and will certainly be effective in moisturising your skin especially if it is very dehydrated.
  • Less people found it effective in preventing and reducing stretch marks.
  • Bio-Oil doesn't contain any anti-aging ingredients, but for many women it does have a beneficial use, when used over a long period of time on the face and neck. Many mature women found that it helped to smooth out lines and wrinkles, giving them younger, healthy looking skin.

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    • profile image

      jyoti 2 years ago

      Iam the mother of 10 months baby and I forgot to use bio oil at my trimester so does it useful after 10 months of delivery.Please suggest me.

    • profile image

      Abigail 3 years ago

      V been using this oil for a very long time but it is nt working for m y

    • profile image

      VAISHALI 3 years ago

      Can I use this product in 7th month

    • profile image

      melej 3 years ago

      I used this for several operation scars on my foot and it has been fantastic for me rendering 5" scars indistinguishable when in sandals, but the best use I have found is to use it on my face. I am 56 and prone to spots due to being hirsuite since I was 25, I spent 2 hours a day pucking despite laser treatment and electrolysis: my skin was dehydrated, it flaked and was lumpy...not any more. I use bio oil with a clarisonic as a cleanser, dabbing off the excess, I then apply my prescribed cream for the excess hair and then a face skin is now absorbing the creams where nothing previously worked and hair continued to sprout resulting in the vicious circle of spots with scarring and rough the excess hair is massively reduced, therefore no spots with no plucking, my skin is flexible and plumped up and regererating well. My Doctor commented upon the change as have friends. I have used creams before but now I follow a 'joined up' process my skin feels soft and wonderful. I can wear makeup without it sticking to scabs and pits...I have increased confidence and just feel great. Find how it works for you and it can be life changing. I am a very happy customer!

    • profile image

      Christine 3 years ago

      Useless product - keep your money- I used it for 2 months on a burn scar, it didn't make a bit of difference to my scar. I poured the remainder on the Bio oil down the drain.

    • profile image

      anu 3 years ago

      Is this suitable for oily acne and pigmentation skin ?

    • profile image

      Ruchi 3 years ago

      Is this suitable for oily acne prone skin?????

    • profile image

      Helen 3 years ago

      can i use it after my 6 months of delivery ?does it work?

    • profile image

      dipa 3 years ago

      can i use it on my frakes on face

    • profile image

      savitri. 3 years ago

      Can we use now after 14year of pregnancy

    • profile image

      ruby 3 years ago

      Is this oil safe for the baby in stomach during pregnence....n wht is d price of this oil in india n is this easly avilable...!

    • profile image

      sharada 3 years ago

      Gosh this works, even though it’s glossy, I only use it at home overnight and when I wake up, I don’t care for how it looks, I care about the results. I’ve had a scar on my nose for YEARS. I had it around 2 or maybe 3 from an accident hitting my nose against a dresser from flying up off a bed slamming straight down. My grandma didn’t know much what to do and my mom was at work. So she couldn’t really help, but I’m amazed of how I’m 14 now and using this, and it actually WORKS? , I’m thankful for it to have faded away and my confidence has flipped me upside down (: never knew it would work but it did . Ive been using it for about 2 & a half months. Gosh can’t thank bio oil enough , lol. I’m a more confident person, the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m amazed from the results that I got.i don't think we will get this oil in the market easly but i got it indian only web site thax to click on

    • profile image

      kavya 3 years ago

      hi guys this is kavya from banglore b4 i had some marks on my legs n hips soo i was nt able to put some morden dress but nw i am very happy becoz of bio oil alll my marks have removed nw i am very free to put my like dress thax to bio oil i got this oil in