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Blush For Every Face Shape

Updated on September 2, 2014


Blush can bring a lot to your look. However, applied incorrectly it can take a lot away. When we place blush in areas that it doesn't belong, we can accentuate things that we are trying to conceal. There are different face shapes so there are different ways to apply blush.

Here is an easy guide on how to apply blush correctly for your face shape!

Round Face

With a round face shape, you will want to slenderize the cheeks. You will apply the blush just under the cheek bone at a slight angel and blend upward. Placing the blush above or on top of the cheek can make the face seem even more round.

Square Face

If you are applying blush to a square face, then you need apply the blush directly on the cheek bone. Line the brush up with the middle of your eye and extend towards your temple. This will accentuate the bone and make the jaw line appear smaller.

Heart/Triangle Face

When working with a heart/triangle face , you need to apply blush on the ball of the cheek. Apply the blush in a downward motion then spreading back towards the ear. This makes the cheek look smaller so it appears more even with the chin.

Oval Face

It is pretty easy to argue that the oval face shape is the easiest to work with. You can actually apply blush a few different ways to this face shape and look great. The best way is a simple swipe straight back across the apple of your cheeks. It accentuates the natural contour of this oval shape.

You can now maximize your features and minimize your flaws by following the simple directions provided according to your face shape. No longer fear the blush brush!


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