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Body Modification Through Piercings

Updated on September 30, 2013



Beauty,Protection Or Rebellion

There are a lot of things that we attach to ourselves / our bodies and we never know from whence they came.Things that we wear for the sake of fashion has origins that go beyond the latest fashion fad.I saw one person who sported a tattoo that had a nice design,when I asked what it was he said Chinese, when I asked him what it meant he said he didn't know.He could be cursing himself and didn't even know......or maybe he had the answer to all his questions and just couldn't read it.

Fashion or statement

I can remember back when I was a little girl playing in my mother's jewelery-chest. one thing that I find odd today as I think back is that the majority of the earrings that she had were clamp-on or twist-on.There were pierced ear rings around at the time but they were not that popular amongst the many.I remember that my grandmother was in her 50s when she got her ears pierced and told us never to mention it, she wore very small studs that were hidden by her hair. It was taboo to her as a christian to have body piercings of any kind. Many in her generation frowned upon it. They saw it as being destructive or a form of self mutilation. For them only the godless pagans did this to themselves.That which was once taboo appears to be normal in today's world.

I remember when I first got my ears pierced; I did mine myself because I couldn't see myself sitting still long enough for someone else to cause me pain. I used a sewing needle to pierce my ear lobes. I later pierced my nose as well. It was the 70s and we were a rebellious bunch, love, peace and rebellion was what we were about and my piercings were an outward expression of that. For me it was more than a fashion statement.


Today it may not be that big a deal, more and more teens seem to be sporting all sorts of piercings; from ear lobes to the navel. A lot of the youth that I have spoken with say that they have theirs because they like the way it looks. For whatever reason it seems to give some of them a feeling of confidence or individuality (ages 19-31). Although it appears to be more of a fashion statement than anything else, there are equally those out there that like the wow effect of it.

Did you know ?

  • Primitive tribes believed that demons and spirits could enter through the ear.Since these demons are repelled by metal,ear-piercing would prevent them from entering the body.
  • The mummified body of a 5000+ year old tribesman was uncovered in 1991 in the Austrian Glacier;both of his ears were pierced and the holes had been enlarged.
  • Sailors of days gone by use to pierce an ear to improve their eyesight, and if they ever fell over board and their bodies washed to shore the ring would be enough to ensure that they got a decent burial.
  • Shakespeare wore an ear ring.
  • Nose piercing can be tracked back to the time of Genesis in the old testament.
  • Nose piercing was brought to India in the 16th century from the middle east by Moghul Emperors.
  • The Aztecs pierced their tongue in ceremony to draw blood in order to call on their god and alter their state.
  • There is no recorded history of navel piercings, we are the first.
  • Queen Isabella of Bavaria who ruled from 1385-1417 is credited for nipple piercings, along with the plunging neck line of her dress that went down to her navel she adorned her exposed nipples with nipple rings/coverings.

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There are numerous reasons for body modification / piercings and the number of people sporting them are growing. It's more than a fad and self expression appears to be at the top of the list. For some it's not just about fashion or because it looks sexy but a right of passage. Then there are those who have spiritual reasons behind it. Whatever the reasons, body modifications are here to stay.

Piercings, where do you stand ?

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