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Buy A Heart Shaped Necklace | Sweet Romantic Gifts

Updated on July 30, 2012

The heart is a symbol of love. Used in jewelry, It is a classic motif that will never go out of style to express our affections for one another. Both timeless and elegant, it is a simple and direct way to say i love you.

Why a necklace?

In selecting jewelry and accessories for the significant other, one must be careful of the connotations that each piece would bring. The set of jewelry and accessories that a lady has can be broken down into the various items, each with their own underlying connotations and associated meanings.

Rings - Rings often are associated with marriage. Hence it is not advisable to get rings as presents or gifts, unless you are married or are intending to propose lest you sent the wrong message.

Bracelets - Worn on the hands, a less personal part of the body, it says "hey i like you" rather than "i love you". It's often a popular gift between friends. Ever heard of the term friendship band? It's also worn on the wrists for the same reason.

Earrings - These are tiny accessories that are also generally popular to give between friends due to their neutral association. Earrings normally do not make for good romantic gifts partly due to their size and as they are less visible and felt by the wearer. You'd never see a lady or a girl gush over a pair of earrings bought by their boyfriends do you?

Necklaces - Necklaces and pendants make great gifts between dating couples to good friends depending on the type of pendant used. Compared to bracelets which are worn on the hand, necklaces are worn on a more intimate part of the body. This has the associated connotation of intimacy and closeness between the sender and reciever of the gift. These can range from simple pendants made of beads to elaborate diamond necklaces depending on the message you want to send.


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